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    Default How You Can Help Against the Communist Fire Threat!

    How You Can Help Against the Communist Fire Threat!

    With the Red Menace looming ever-present, the American people should avoid being careless with fire. Follow these tips carefully, and you'll be doing your part to keep fire out of the hands of the Russians.

    Extinguish all lighters and matches when you aren't using them. Make sure to keep them hidden in a locked safe or airtight lock-box until you need them.

    Give up smoking. Any wayward butt tossed nonchalantly out a car window or onto the street is treasure for a Communist spy or smuggler. If each one of us gives up smoking, the health of the American populace would improve, thus making us more Ūt to fight off the Russkies when Uncle Sam calls. The U.S. Department of Health suggests chewing tobacco as a smoking substitute.

    When someone asks you for a light, refuse it--even if it's from someone you know. In these times, even your next-door neighbor could be a card-carrying Commie.

    Know your firefighters. These brave men and women are as important to America's security as any Stealth Bomber pilot. Support your community's fire department, but be sure to interrogate any new firefighters as to their national loyalties and motives for joining the department.

    *this in no way represents my personal views towards Communists or Russians in general. This was taken from The Onion .

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    Wow Joe, a patriotic cause. I may start chewing just to show people that I don't smoke. I was once driven through the streets of a beautiful southern town in a mammoth Peterbilt-Pirsch pumper. The guy driving had to spit into his styrofoam cup about ever 300 yards. Was it his way of showing that he was proud to be an American?

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    They don't let me use matches around my station. Come to think of it, they don't let me use any sharp items either.......
    Bless all of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters. You will not be forgotten

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