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    Default Need advice on apparatus!

    Hey everyone, looking for some opinions. We are currently looking at replacing to old trucks, and have a debate as to what to get. We are trying to replace a '74 GMC 4-Wheel Drive, standard cab, with a front mount 750 GPM pump. This truck primarily runs with the tanker as a draft truck and also as an Urban Interface type unit. The other truck is a '72 Ford, standard cab, 1250 GPM pump. This truck is the first due attack truck in our downtown district, mainly due to it's small size for access to tight driveways, and the multitude of handlines it carry's. We would like to replace them with twin, 4 Wheel drive trucks. Any suggestions on Chassis, Manufacturer, etc. (We want to keep it on the small side to get into tight driveway's/private roads.) Appreciate the help.

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    E-1 has couple types like this.
    Super Lynx, F550 4x4 400 gallons, 420 gpm pump and roll to 1250 gpm Split shaft.

    Wildcat, International or Freightliner 2x4 or 4x4 2 door or 4 door, 400 gallons 500 gpm crossmount pump, for pump and roll.

    Puma, Basically same as above but on steroids, up to 1250gpm pto. 700 gallons of water side mount internal panel. Full remote pump operation from inside the cab. I believe the military just took delevery of 2 of these in Guantanamo Bay.

    Sorry for the sales pitch.

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    Cap22 thats pretty much what I was thinking of, E-one does have some neat inovations. As for the sales pitch I don't think Harvey from Pheonix minds too much.

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    Well I don't know if your aware but like us in Western New York get our trucks built by 4 Guys, and they have great stuff, check em out.
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    First you need to identify what type of unit you need, urban/interface pumper, class a pumper.front, side, rear suctions. how many gallons per min. how much water on board.
    you'll need to find out weights of what you want to put on the unit and I mean everything!!!! and then go to chassis manufacture's and plug in the weights, horsepower needed, and turning radius, and see what they can offer. Then come the options 2 door, 4 door, 2wd, 4wd, automatic, manual gear box, ground clearance, approach and depart angles. Do your homework first then visit the manufacture's reps.
    In Portland Or we have a rep for Intenational who does know his truck line and really covers the bases on chassis spec's, look around your area and find a rep who can help you not just sell you something that will work.

    They do have programs which they can plug in your desires and find a chassis for you.

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