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    Default 12 firefighters arrested at WTC

    Why did the firefighters have to initiate a peacful protest at the WTC? Because there is no communication between the firefighters and Giuliani and Giuliani's Fire Commissioner Von Essen. Most firefighters feel that Von Essen does not represent their views or feelings. He is a political appointee representing Giuliani. If good leadership existed on the cities side, The City would be able to make their point and also give the firefighters a fair compromise. The firefighters want the dead to be treated with dignity. They do not want the bodies to be scooped and dumped by back-hoes. this treatment of the dead is what you see in documentaires on how the Nazi's treated their victims. No dignity, no respect. But Giulliani is unable to accept feedback or input from the firefighters. He forces through his decision without respecting others.

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    I agree. The fallen Brothers and Sisters (the civilians too for that matter) don't deserve to be scooped and dumped. Nobody shoud spend eternity in a dump.


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