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    Default Fire and Rescue MIS Software

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    My associates and I are developing a software application package using an RDBMS that will provide, in realtime, on a laptop, PDA, handheld computer, in-unit displays, display to a fighter pilot type face screen, etc., informatikon concerning routes, route hazards, i.e. bridges, underpasses, low wires, load bearing surfaces, etc.; water sources, i.e.,hydrants, rivers, lakes, ponds, swimming pools, etc.; hazardous material/items locations, i.e. storage, buried lines, potential hazardous mixes, wells, sink holes, abandon mines, etc.; building design and construction, and complete physical colored maps of desired areas. We also will incorporate GIS and GPS features. All federal, state, local and manufacturer codes for potentially encountered materials/items will be hyperlinked to any item listed in the RDBMS.

    This system will be designed with "point and click" or touch screen icons, that are readily identifiable by the users. Access to each icon supported will be realtime, with no delays. Quick search by predetermined listed items or direct input of keyword(s) via keyboard will be handled in realtime.

    We gladly solicit comments from you professionals concerning the relevancy and potential use of such software. No product will be "as is", each will be tailored for the area to which it is to be used. We fully understand that this system is only as good as the data and plan to provide a staff member or allow the user to designate a person to maintain the database. We recognize that interaction with various federal, state, and local government offices is important, along with commercial entities that transport, store and handle hazardous materials; construction firms, builders, inspectors, etc.

    We believe there is a need and that the sooner the better. The content of the software is unlimited based on the specific user needs.

    Thanks you.

    Richard D. "Dick" Barber
    4208 Glendale Road
    Home Office: 703-878-9471
    Work: 703-841-8272
    Email: rdbarber39@aol.com
    Richard D. Barber

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    All I can say is good luck to you. That is a real tough task ahead of you. I really hope you get this all together but please take your time and get all the bugs worked out. In this business a small oversight can cost a person their life.

    But I really wish good luck to you and your development team.

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    The real question is, who is going to compile and feed all the data in? Is this practical? Our town has hydrant information within our system but just entering all of that took over a year. Although, the information would be great.

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