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    Post Fire Extinguishers for Christmas!

    One of the most important gifts anyone can give. Two years ago I just about blew the house up. Not intentionally, mind you. But I lit the propane powered grill that sits on our back deck. I came back a few minutes after I had lit it to see that the gas line running from the grill to the propane tank had caught on fire. I thought about panicking for a minute then remembered the fire extinguisher I had bought for my parents a few days before for christmas. It was still in the trunk of the car. Thankfully I was about to find it quickly and put out the fire before...the unthinkable happened. As it turned out, the next year I bought fire extinguishers for everyone on my shopping list. You never know when a simple gift like that can save a life and a house.

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    Great gift idea. A company that I worked for once offered gifts to employees. Three choices; A jacket, a winter survival kit, and a 5lb extinguisher. <br />Most went with the extinguisher.

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    I also think fire extinguishers are great gifts. One of the people I work with moved into a condo last year but didn't have a fire extinguisher, working flashlights, or a first aid kit. Let's just say they have them now. I also just finished putting together a "disaster kit in a bucket" for a friend of mine. For the full scoop on one visit:<br /><a href="http://www.fema.gov/reg-vii/2000/bucket.htm" target="_blank">http://www.fema.gov/reg-vii/2000/bucket.htm</a>

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    Fire exstinguisher are great gifts as long as you teach the people how to use them. Most people use F/E incorrectly and cause more problems than they cure. My fire dept has held seminars to teach people when and when not to use F/E.
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