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    Hi all. I'm a female, 3 year volly whose up for a pro spot. I'd like to hear your stories of going pro, some tips, or tricks of the trade. I need info on where and when firefighter 1&2 tests are being given. I have the training, but need the certificate before getting the job. Anyone got info?<br />Stay safe!<br />Siouxzie

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    Sorry I can't help you with the info part... I just want to say GOOD LUCK to you and congrats! Keep pluggin' away!

    My volly squad, at the time I applied, would not put a female on. (I was the only EMT in town) That has changed! Thank GAWD! <img src="eek.gif" border="0">
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    hi what is the 1&2 test
    i fight what you fear.

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    Go to

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    for a list of upcoming FFI & II Exams in Wisconsin

    This is a list of the Practical exam sites and times. You will need to complete the written test a few weeks prior to the practical. Contact you local Tech College for more info.

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