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    Question how to get along with someone for the patients sake....

    I was wondering if anyone else has this problem, There is a member of my company that I don't particularly care for . Not only how they care for patients but their overall attitude. I think that calming the pt. and invoking a sense of confidence is important but there seems to be people that have been doing this too long and make it sound like a hassle to be there helping.I have seen a lack of compassion , failure to recognize the priority of the pt.'s care(ie:administer O2 before placing the K.E.D. on the pt.)and being "new" in the dept.(1 yr.) I don't know how to deal with it....I have been an emt for 4 years and in other dept.'s a total of 6 years.My main concern is the pt. and I cope" with this person for the pt.'s sake and make sure I cover my butt when working with this person. Any other suggestions?????<br />Woody

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    First talk to that person. If that doesn't help then talk to the officer. If that doesn't work then document the problem after an episode is witnessed by a patient. Remember the call number and the patients name and make a written complaint about the situation that you have been working under. If that doesn't work either suck it up and put up with it or get a different job.
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