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    Well right here....Duh!!

    Exclamation Anyone interested in a bet?

    I've been sitting here watching the inagruation of the New York mayor Bloomberg. ONe of his main concerns is the 4 billion dollar deficit that New York has following 11 Sept. He was guoted as saying that New York will have to "tighten their belts". I have a feeling he means FDNY will have to tighten their belts. Anyone else have the same thoughts??

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    I'd take you bet.. that FDNY will get cuts .. since the new commissioner has no firefighting experience and is a life-long bureaucrat .. he'll be a bean counter--plain and simple

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    What do you mean in cuts??.....I saw Bloomberg state that he knows that the FD has minimum manning requirements, and that he will not reduce staffing. If you mean a monetary cut, then sure. All politicans promise that, if it will happen is a different story.

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