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    I'm a volunteer firey with the Rural Fire Service - an organisation servicing the bush areas of New South Wales, Australia. (It's been a bit hot under the collar there, lately)*g*

    I'm keen to branch out and establish cross-cultural ties and swap stories, ideas, methods etc. as well as get some hints on personal kit (for example, I'm currently eyeing off a few types of gloves because I hate the issued ones - any recommendations?)

    Regarding my current paid employment, I work with weapons of mass communication *winks* during the 9-5 hours and, akin to the way I work, play hard whenever I can getting out and enjoying my many passions.

    I thank you for reading my little spiel and look forward to active participation on this site!

    Cheers,<br />Black

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    Hi there!!!!

    Welcome to the boards!!!!

    I myself am not a FF, but I am going to become one in the next few years, once I can get in better shape.

    I am, however, close to becoming a NREMT-B (I took and passed the practicals last month and I take the written portion) and in the Fall I will be starting Paramedic training.

    Bewarned-some of us on here have some STRANGE senses of humor.

    Again, welcome to the board...have fun and enjoy!!!!
    Alisa Tappana, NREMT-B/CNA

    All the views, comments, etc expressed herein are mine and not those of my training program or my employer.

    "You can't make footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to make buttprints in the sands of time?"
    -Bob Mowad

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    Welcome aboard I am sure that you will find many interesting things on this site and in this forum.In regards to gloves try <a href="http://www.darley.com" target="_blank">www.darley.com</a> they have a good selection and I have had good luck dealing with them.I also buy my own equipment no I am not made of money but my dept. buys the cheapest stuff that they can find ,our chiefs have the "it won't happen to us attitude".I bought boots through darley and sent them back 3 times not their faultI just could not find ones that were comfortable.They were very helpful.Good Luck Chris

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