I am a former fire fighter from Westchester County New York. I am now living and working as a fire fighter in England. On the 20th of February 2002 myself and 6 other fire/police officers will walk 300 miles from the Pentagon in Washington to Ground Zero in New York. This trip is high profile and has already received considerable media coverage in the U.K. A BBC camera crew will follow us on our trip.

We will meet President Bush on the 22nd of February at the White House before setting of on our walk on the 23rd February. We are raising money for the families of the emergency personel killed at the WTC on September 11th.

We should complete the walk in 12 days, arriving at Ground Zero on the 5th of March. We are looking for someone to sponsor the team of 7 with FDNY and NYPD shirts for this trip. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you could pass this on to as many fire stations in New York city it would be great.

We will have a fire engine and police escourt for the entire 300 mile walk. Any help with publicity or t-shirts would be great.

Thanks<br />Ron