Hello, all,

At the end of each "Supreme Sacrifice" daily remembrance, is a verse from "The Fireman's Prayer," written by Mr. Charlie Ball.

Many of you have written and asked me about these words and if I had the words to the full prayer. "The Fireman's Prayer" is actually a folk tune that was written by Charlie Ball, who is a member of a New England folk group called "Plainfolk." The song was written in tribute of a Fitchburg, MA firefighter who died in the performance of his duties.

Anyone who is interested in getting the complete words to the song can go to:


I believe there is also a portion of the song available to listen to. It really is beautiful and many firefighters I know have ordered the CD. Some have even used the song at memorial ceremonies to honor their fallen comrades, while still others have used portions of the song on their web sites. The Plainfolk have been good friends to the fire service and I, for one, thank them.

I hope this answers many of your questions.

Stay safe,
Chief Hank