Hello, all,

It is with deep regret that I inform you of the death of Probationary Firefighter Stephen J. Masto, 28, of the Santa Barbara, California Fire Department, which occurred on Friday, August 27th, 1999.

While operating as an EMT at a lightning sparked wildfire on Friday, August 27th, 1999, which destroyed 180 acres in Los Padres National Forest, he failed to return to the base camp by late evening. A 12-hour ground and air search resulted in rescuers finding his body face down in a burned area of very steep terrain. While the exact cause of his death is not immediately, burns have been ruled out.

The 8-month veteran, who is the first member of the department to make The Supreme Sacrifice, is survived by his wife.

May he rest in eternal peace and may the Good Lord watch over and protect the loved ones that he left behind.

Be safe & God bless,
Chief Hank