By Hank Przybylowicz

October 7

On this date in history, the following members of the fire service made "The Supreme Sacrifice:"

1892 - CHICAGO, IL
F/F David J. Burke - Truck 8
He was killed in a collision while en route to an alarm.

1893 - BUFFALO, NY
F/F Frank McMurray - Engine 9
He died in the performance of his duties.

F/F Frank B. Cocker - Engine 14
He died in the performance of his duties.

1908 - BUFFALO, NY
F/F Joseph Schellheimer - Ladder 3
He died in the performance of his duties.

1912 - TACOMA, WA
F/F Albert Schwarzer - Ladder 1
While returning from his meal break, he heard an alarm and ran to board the truck. As he ran into the firehouse, he was crushed to death between Engine 1 and a wall.

Capt. James T. McCabe - Age 62 - Chemical 1 - 33-year veteran
He suffered a fatal heart attack while operating at a five-alarm lumberyard fire.

F/F Louis C. Lauth - Age 28 - Squad 1 - 4-year veteran
While responding to a house fire, Squad 1 struck a traffic light pole. Lauth was riding in the rear of the wagon and was pitched forward, striking his head on the chemical tank. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died later in the day.

1926 - SAN JOSE, CA
Fire Chief Herman W. Hobson - Age 53 - 18-year veteran
He died of pneumonia, which was the result of his exposure to a severe and constant soaking while operating at a commercial building fire on September 16th.

F/F Paul J. Altonbach - Engine 6 - 5-year veteran
Firefighters were called for a man who had fallen into a well at a fuel company. Altonbach climbed down into the well, and halfway down, he was overcome by fumes, fell backward into the well, and drowned.

1933 - LIMA, OH
F/F Frank Kinzer - Engine 1 - 11-year veteran
He died as a result of breathing in nitrous oxide fumes from burning records and film while operating at a fire on June 26th.

F/F Alvin J. Stiller - Engine 26
He suffered a fatal heart attack while operating at a fire.

1951 - EL PASO, TX
F/F R.H. Pennell
He died in the performance of his duties.

1980 - CHICAGO, IL
F/F Darryl Williams - Age 29 - Engine 68
While operating at a fire, he suddenly collapsed and died.

1982 - CHICAGO, IL
F/F John Seeman - Engine 97
He suffered a fatal heart attack at his home.

Lay me down beside cool waters,
And lay to rest my body sore.
Send the word out to my brothers,
The fire is down, let it burn no more.
- Charlie Ball -
"Fireman's Prayer"

Let us not forget these brave souls who unselfishly gave their lives in the performance of their duties. Let us all take a moment out of our busy day to say a prayer for these fallen soldiers of the Lord, and ask that He grant them eternal rest and peace in His Kingdom. Also ask that He watch over and protect the member's loved ones who were left behind.

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