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    Default What exactly do the ladies auxillary do?

    Exactly what my message bar read, what do the ladies auxillary do?

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    Our ladies aux. helps us in a lot of ways. They help us with all of our fund-raisers, provide refreshments at our childrens events, and help out on lengthy calls by providing food and drinks in the rehab sector. Don't get me wrong, they do not interfer with operations, but act as a support group. Most of the members are spouses of the FF's, so they understand what we need in various situations.

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    Same here. We hane a wonderful auxillary which provides our department with a wealth of help. From assistance in the banquet hall, cooking, serving, cleaning, set-up, troops at large scale fires and incidents. publicity, etc to fireground assistance. They are composed largely of wives and loved ones of our firefighters. They never have failed to provide food and drinks to the If we are out for a few hours, they come out with the goodies for us. They are a very integral part of the department. They have fund raisers and such to help support us, they assist us in many ways. We are very grateful to have them as a part of our department.

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    Our auxiliary supports the fire dept. in many ways. We cater wedding receptions, banquets, etc. We sell snacks at weekly bingo. We run the concession stand at the dept.'s annual carnival. We actively participate in fire prevention. Last year, the dept. bought a used squad. The aux. donated $15,000 to put the necessary equipment on the apparatus. This year we authorized $25,000+ to purchase a new brush unit. Even though we are two organizations, we work as one.

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    Alittle backgound info: The Vestal Volunteer Fire Department is made up of Four Stations. Two of the station have an Auxiliary. We are made up of wives, daughters, sisters, friends and neighbors. In the past this Auxiliary did numberous activities when the membership was big in both the Fireman and Auxiliary. The Auxiliary disbanded due to lack of interest in the early 90's. Was formed once again in '95 with newer member along with past members. And this is how we function.

    What do we do? Well, we provide the neccessary drinks that are needed at a fire. If it is an all day affair we provide meals to our members and any mutual aid company that comes in to assist. Lunch is made and served if there happens to be a all day training class.

    February of each year the firemen hold a Chicken BBQ. We provide the desserts for the meals and the Kichen and Dining Room help. In return, we ask them to help in the Kitchen and Dining Room for our October Spaghetti Supper.

    During November Elections the station is one of many polling place in the town. So we take advantage of this by holding a Bake Sale.

    In December, we decorate the station for the holidays and put together a Children's Christmas Party for the Firemen's families.

    This year we made Potted Pinwheel Plants for one of the local nursing homes. As the seasons change so to the pot's decorations.

    Each Auxiliary functions in their own way but has the same purpose. We'll always be there when we are needed, no matter what time of day it is.

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