It's 1999! Almost 2000 should we be using such stereotyped language much less who we allow in our organization? Boys play with tools, guns and cars, girls play with dolls, cook and sew. this is what I'm hearing.

The traditional Fire Department Auxillary has served us well over the years. I support them a point. If my wife is a firefighter (so could be one on your department couldn't she?) can I belong to the LADIES auxillary?

We do have discrimination laws out there now...... Be careful is my point. Your support groups are fantastic but let's get rid of the 40's and 50's Rosy the riveter stereotypes. I have hired several females as FIREFIGHTERS (firemen work on trains....) on volunteer and career departments. Several do much better than some of their male counterparts.

We have many male/female community members who may be physically challenged, with alternative lifestyles, with varied religious beliefs, from diversive cultures, of variuos colors, advanced in age, etc. that may want to be a part of the support fire and rescue departments need today. Invite them all to join!

Let's get rid of the antiquated stereotype of LADIES Auxillary and the dinosaur term FIREMAN/FIREMEN.

Ooops, I must close. I need to go talk to my daughter, she wants to be a policeMAN.

Ted J. Pagels, Fire Chief, Menominee, MI 49858