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    Question Disbanding our auxiliary?

    I know I'm going to get lots of heat for this, but does anyone have any ideas on how my fire company can disband our ladies auxiliary? The story behind the reasoning for such a move is long and filled with petty bickering which has escalated to the point where several firefighters' wives have been thrown out in an effort by a few ladies to exact revenge on firefighters they don't like.

    I have done an extensive search of our records, and can't find any documentation on how the auxiliary was formed, which was approximately 90 years ago. Since the auxiliary had to be formed by an act of some sort by the members of the fire company, I would imagine that the members would also have the power to disband the auxiliary. Our company by-laws make no mention of the auxiliary.

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    No you are not going to heat from me as I can understand the heat that escalates out of a Ladies Auxiliary organization. However, I do not think that it is a wise decision for the fire department to disband the auxiliary. Does your department still have any shred of an auxiliary left to it? If so, than it is up to them to call it quits and close the shop for good. I have heard of many auxiliaries closing down because of spat's, disagreements, etc. and it is a shame that it has to get that far. But, just like in the fire department itself, there can be too many chiefs and not enough Indians per say. I joined an auxiliary that went through a turbulent time also and although I didn't enjoy the ride, it finally quieted down, officers were changed at election, a new staff of members joined and all is well again. I really think you need to let the auxiliary maintain their own business and the department should keep out of it. It makes for bad blood between everyone. Perhaps have a joint meeting and have a mediator present or sargent of arms to keep the conversation going without a fight. Communication is the key for these types of issues. Also, understanding and patience is factor too.

    I wish you and your department luck,

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