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    Lightbulb encourage your wives and daughters

    guys, I know that sometimes youe wives and daughters may feel left out as you streak off to the station to answer yet another call. Encourage them to join and support a women's aux. They can keep the kids of the firefighters that are fighting the fires, thye can bring refreshments, and they can be a shoulder to lean on after a bad call. Please encourage your family that is not interested in "firefighting" to support those that do the job. We all need the support on the fireground, and behind the scenes!!
    PS I am a female, and I know that referring to the aux. as the "ladies" aux. is a thing of the past, but the issue isnt "sexism" it is SUPPORT no matter what the name!! It isnt that the women cant do what the men do, its that most females do not want to. (I personally think that in and of it self is sad.) And yes Firepros any woman can join my dept. NCRSQ75, the sad thing is that many of the Aux. member s that have spouses on the depts. also are full of envy. I have been the target of snide comments and nasty looks too because I am a female doing a "man's work". Most of those women are most likely envious of the fact that I as a female have the guts to do what they are afraid of. (at least that is what some of the guys have told me )

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    I think I responded on this topic of LADIES Auxiliary's in the past but it bears repeating.

    1. Look at your watch it's the year 2000!

    2. It is so sad to see that sexism is so alive and well about the country.

    3. Example: I am married, my wife does not need to work or has free time to donate to the community after she trains for her marathons she runs. I'm kinda busy with the business and time I spend at the fitness center but I still have some time to give my community. Could my wife be a firefighter on your department? I understand you are looking for people because you run short during the daytime. She certainly could lift more and last longer in an SCBA than some of the ah.....not so slender fellas I see sitting in the local bistro, sipping a few, puffing on ciggy butts, with their FD hats and t-shirts on, along with pagers, cell phones, GPS units, and scanners on their 52"+ belts.

    Could I join the LADIES Auxiliary to be a part of the same group my WIFE volunteers for as a firefighter?

    4. Don't get me wrong AUXILIARY's ARE GREAT but calling them to be for only one gender is just plain sexist and tells our daughters that they need to only be able to cook and bear children for the men.

    5. SUPPORT YOUR SUPPORT (Auxiliary) GROUP but open it to all who desire to join but don't want to fight fires, drive the big trucks, or provide emergency medical care. We are missing out on a great amount of talent in our communities by saying only men can do this and women can only do that, or sorry you are confined to a wheel chair.....shame, shame on you who perpetuate these antiquated attitudes!

    Hey it's 2000 and it's time to get over the 50's.


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    Thumbs up

    I'm with you firepros!

    But trust me the sexism isn't all on the men's part!

    A few years back I was doing an auto extrication class at a nearby FD. It was snowing (rare in NC) and we had full turnout gear including hoods etc on. We came in for lunch and the 'Ladies' were as sweet as could be helping us off with our gear (they'd made the lunch). Then I got my gear off, they saw I was a female and I nearly got lunch dumped in my lap - they told me I could serve myself .

    I thought it was funny, but they were offended I was on this side of the kitchen counter!

    Susan Bednar
    Captain - Forsyth Rescue
    North Carolina Strike Force 1

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    If I had witnessed that, I would have served you lunch myself. That is hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

    Wonder if they'd have a problem with you prying them out of a twisted car?

    Frank Billington, #11
    Town of Superior Fire Online

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    In our department there is no Ladies Auxillary. We are called Rehab, because that is what we do. Anyone who wants to help us set up, take down, and keep the fire team hydrated and fed, is more than welcome.

    By the way, this is Looper's wife. His 7 year old daughter helps with rehab, too. She intends to be a police girl, fire girl, and teacher when she grows up. After all, "We're supposed to help people, right Mom?"

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    Hi! My name is Amy. I am a female firefighter too. It is nice to see alot more females getting into the fire service. You men are doing a great job too. I have a question maybe one of you who are a member of an auxiliary can help me with. We are a chartered organization and want very much to get an auxillary started. Where can I obtain a rough idea on by-laws? can any one help me?

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