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    Question Ladies Auxilary/ Firettes

    Our ladies are looking for information on what they could or should be doing as a group. (Kinda looking for a focus).
    Despite looking over the net, not much has been found.
    Any ideas, comments and suggestions will definately be appreciated. I will pass them on.

    Thanks to all


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    The auxilliaries here Texas have a state level Auxilliary and District as well as City departments.

    My history with the Auxilliaries has been life long. Family has been involved for years.

    The main goal of the Auxilliary here is to support the fire fighters. We hold fund raising events to help with equipment and scholarships to the University that provides training. We also respond to fires with rehab materials. Providing food, water, coffee, and what ever is needed. We have been known to run equipment and hoses to the scene. This all is under the jurisdiction of your city. It may or may not be allowed. Check with your Chief.

    We also have a statewide scholarship fund to send the children of Fire Fighters to college. The awards have been up to 5000 a year. If you are interested in more information I can get hold of a packet from our state auxilliary that tells you how to form an auxilliary and also lots of information on ideas for fund raisers and support.

    Just give me an E mail and i will have it sent to you.

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    I'd like to publically praise the members of my department's Ladies Aux... every working fire my department responds to our aux. is on hand passing out water and what-not for the fire fighters. They don't pull hose, they don't put up ladders, and they don't fight fires... but as far as I'm concerned they are just as important on a fire scene as the ambulance standing by two houses down the road.

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