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    We are starting a new fire cadet program for local youths. Any help would be appreciated, especially copies of any paper work (sops, rules & regs and apps.) Our real address is LEWISBURG FIRE DEPT. 116 S. COMMERCE ST. LEWISBURG OH 45338 THANKS.

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    Hi My name is Josh I am with Engine Company 53 in Arizona. We have the Cadet program we have about 12 kids in itWe have 1 Leader or Captain which is me. I have been in it for 2 years I have been Captain for 1 Year and I like it very much I am really interested in it and hope to do it for a full time job. First of all the kids have to do an inventory like know what is on the engine on at least one of the engines which ever one I assign them to, they have to get basic first aid, CPR certified and then they can ride with the engine Company. I am at the busiest Station as i told you 53. Well busy for us we run anywhere from 7-9 calls a day in a 24 hour shift. I also assign them to a crew We have 3 crew "A", "B", and "C" shift at each station. I am an "A" shifter we run 4 men engine company at Station 53 and 3 men at the others, though we never have 4 because one of the guys is Rover moving from station to station. I am there 3 out of the 4 shifts for 24 Hours on weekends but 3:15 from time school gets out till we go back to school the next day on weekdays. I am a first Responder. So I do all of the basic assessing such as blood pressure,pulse,resparations, setting up I.V., setting up o2 and such stuff like that. Thats All I have to say if you need more post a reply and ask me what else you will need?
    Hope all goes good!

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