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    In our dept. we use the helmet as an identifier on the fire ground as follows:
    Chief: White
    Deputy Chief: White
    Asst. Chief: White
    Captain: Red
    Lieut: Red
    FF's: Black
    Medic's: Blue
    Cadets: Orange

    The cadets also get hand-me-down full turn out gear. Which though old still passes standards. The cadets cant enter a working fire, but may participate in all live burn drills as long as they have met their SCBA certification requirements.

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    Apprentice firefighters get the same as seniors the only difference is the stripes.

    This how our helmet id goes:

    Dept. Chief and Asst. Chiefs: White
    Captains, 1st Lieutenants: Black
    2nd Lieut., Foremans, Asst. Foremans: Orange
    Firefighters: Yellow
    Probationary and Apprentice Firefighters: Yellow with blue stripes
    Fire Police: White w/ Fire Police stickers
    Fire Marshalls: Red

    We also Identify members by tags:
    Probationary, Apprentice: Red
    Exterior: Yellow
    Interior / SCBA CERTIFIED: Green

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    Here is how we do it at our Dept.
    Officers all get white helmets FF's get Red Helmets EMS Light Blue and Juniors get a Dark Blue Helmet.

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    Justin Gershon
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    Hell i dont even know what kinda helemet it is. i think it is a carns and i thinks its from the 1980's . It also has "probie eyes" or 4 bright orange dots. and i also burned my sheild in a live burn drill

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    Scott Gamache
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    Im the Chief of my Explorer post and we get the older helmets passed down from our fellow brothers and the same goes for our turnouts. I personally have my own gear and helmet. I am currently wear Black pbi and a Black New yorker leather.

    Scott Gamache

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    In my Dept the Helets go like this:
    White: Chief and Deputy
    Red: Captian
    Yellow: Firefighters a LT's
    Yellow with 1 strip : Probie
    Yellow with 2 strips: Jr
    Blue: EMT/Paramedic

    the Dept issues the same lid to all member regardles of rank just bucuse the law in canada states that an6y fireifhgter riding on apparatus, fireifhting activitys or on the training ground must be equiped with NFPA approved Gear

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    Question: for those of you who use Blue for EMS, what about firefighters or officers who are EMT/CEPs? Does blue = only EMS?

    Alan Romania, CEP
    IAFF Local 3449

    My Opinions do not reflect the opnions of the IAFF or Local 3449.

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    Im a junior and i have a yellow helmet...since i am an EMT i have a star of life sticker on each side underneath the JUNIOR FIREFIGHTER crest. as for reg fire fighters and officers they do the same...

    Chris Kerrigan
    -Junior Fire Fighter
    NMFD Co.2 Tower/Rescue-31 Engine-33
    NMVAC 318 & 319
    New Milford,NJ

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    At the explorer program im in we get the older but most in good condition turnout gear the needs some cleaning or stitching, butwe never get the to tattered to use gear and our helmets are the same as the fire fighters just a different color
    White-assistant cheif/ batallion chief
    yellow- fire fighters (call and career)
    Black- explorers
    If we know people in the dept wecan get some fairly new gear, our S.C.B.A.'s are the same with no distinctive coloring but on the back of our turnouts it says explorer or exp. Grante some Explorer programs aren't as fortunate as others... So if you can afford it...or know people try to get some for yourself or for instance, if your gloves really are in poor shape go buy some new ones. but take what you can get...

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    Most departments around here use the following system.

    Battalion Chief and up: white
    Captain: Orange
    Lieut: Red
    Firefighter (all are EMT's), Driver/Operator, Firefighter/Paramedic: Yellow
    Explorer: Black
    Paramedic (if hospital based, non-firefighter): Blue

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    this is how our system works:

    Chief/Asst. Chief/Captains = White

    Lieutenants = Yellow

    Firefighters/Engineers = Black w/ white company numeral on both sides

    Jr. Firefighters = Black with blaze orange company numeral on both sides

    Everyone have rockers on their helmets with thier position.

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    Our Jr Firefighters are given black helmets just like firefighters but they have Cadet instead of Firefighter on the side and they have numbers in the 90's


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    The jr.ff I am with gets issued orange helmets, don't know what type...never seen them before. The explorer post I am with will probably get issued Cairns 1010, black in color...it's a new post and gear isn't an issue as of yet. Will someone kindly elaborate on the "orange shields"?

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    Fireman Ry
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    My department issues a yellow metro with red tape on the top and with "Junior Firefighter" cresents on the sides. Probationary members get a yellow metro with "Probationary" cresents on the sides.

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