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    In your jr. firefighter programs, how much or what activities on a fireground can they perform? As well as how much training are they permitted or encouraged to take?

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    In our Dept, the JR's are allowed to perform all exterior firefighting activities, previding they've got 40 ours of training. They can ride our fire apparatus after 20 hours of training. They can go to all calls except car accidents and hazmat responses. They are encouraged to take all the training they can that's offered in the county. However, just like the senior firefighters...they must take firefighting essentials within a certain amount of time.

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    Here in New Milford, NJ this is how we juniors do things..we are encouraged to partake in the junior fire fighter (not needed though to be a junior) class that the county acadamy provides. This in only the 1st 15 classes of Fire Fighter 1, the classroom stuff. I currently take this and it carries over so when i become a regular i wont have to take those classes, i start with lesson 16...we help out with cleanings, truck checks...we can respond any time, we are permited to ride MVA's and im not sure about hazmat calls..as with other juniors we do exterior operations...

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    In my area, juniors can do exterior firefighting. All are required to go through Firefighter I classes. They are very beneficial for setting up tool staging areas, changing SCBA bottles, and for cleanup. When they become 18 years ols, they become Senior members and can add the last element of interior firefighting.

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    We are allowed to do anything a firefighter is allowed to do except interior attack. We help in packaging of vicitms and exterior attacks of structur,vehical and grass fires. We are allowed to ride in all apperatuses and respond to any emergencies including haz-mat.

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    As one of the Post Advisors for our Explorer's Post here in Charleston, SC, I can honestly tell you that we see the benefits from this program. We have an excited and energetic group that consists of both girls and boys from the Charleston area.

    They are all trained to be an extra set of eyes, hands, and ears. They know our department's SOPs and are able to perform all sorts of functions on the fireground. They are assigned to an Engine Company or Truck Company to ride along with for a shift. They will stay on the apparatus until told to get off and assigned a task. Afterward, they are to report back to the Engineer of that truck.

    We use the to get equipment, change out SCBA, assist with medical treatment at EMS calls, and many other things.

    This has proved to also be an excellent public relations tool. Citizens of our City see how hard these youth work and the rewards from that. Everyone has been completely supportive.

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    In my department there is one junior member, me. The junior member is only able to do what is told by either an officer or the incident commander. You are required to atttend training classes andyou are also required to attend a rookie class. The rookie class is the same class as any firefighter. The class I was in had me and a fellow junior firefighter.(this person wasn't in for long) I was in there with many people. People who needed houres and about seven people who were "blue dots" a rank of rookie held by anyone who was fairly new.
    I have attended a verry large amount of car wrecks, made about fifteen residential fires four LifeFlight landings and even jaws calls.
    If you spend yoour time around the fire station you can do all kinds of things.
    I am verry fortunate for the fact that I am in a verry well to do department and that I have learned all that I have learned all at the age of seventeen.

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    In my department the junior program is fairly new. A few years ago they had juniors, but they all went elsewhere. I was the 1st in a long time. I took a long time to have everyone see that I could do a lot more that what I was "allowed" to do. But if you know your stuff, when something is needed you wil l be let to do it....

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    In our company, the juinor firefighters are just an extra set of hands. They must yeild a seat to a fully trained firefighter, if one is there to yeild to. Also, they can't do any interior work or use the hurst tools. I am only 20 years old, but i think this program is a good program for all compaines to get involved with. FYI, I joined when I was 18 years old, so I skiped the juinor program. We also do have special juinor training were anyone can come out for training if they need extra. Just a few thoughts on this worthwhile program.
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    Another source of information (especially if you are operating your junior firefighters as part of an Explorer Post) is the Boy Scouts of America. They provide guidelines for what activities the juniors may and may not participate in. Our department follows their guidelines pretty closely.

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    In my department, I am currently the only junior member. There were others, but they've gone their own way over the past couple of years. Right now the junior members aren't allowed to do a lot, but it's better than no junior program at all. We are allowed to take continuing education courses through the community college, and go to training and meetings that the department schedules. Hopefully that will change, so we can be active with the department on calls and get to see the real stuff and learn as we go.

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    The area that I am from you can become a Jr. firefighter at age 14. At this time you basically can do nothing because of the state regulations. This is a good time to set back and listen to the elder members of your station. You can do functions, and in house training but only under the supervision of the operations officers. At age 16 is where everything gets good and you can now ride and start to train a little. During school and the summer time there are certain times you are allowed to run. I personnelly came up through the ranks of Jr. and at age 18 I was Sgt., 19 Lt., 22 a Deputy Chief, at age 24 became a firefighter/emt career for a volunteer fire deparment, and now at the age of 26 a Lt. of that same deparment. Up until age 26 I ran with all volunteer fire companies. I feel my experiance as a Jr. gave me that extra edge that I needed to become sucessful in the fire service. I am now presentlly a Firefighter II in Pa. and hopefully some day become an instructor. I also hope to go to eiather a larger career department or a gov. department. So if are looking at doing this get serious and you will go far. I imagine that there are child labor laws in aevery state they probably very though state for state. Don't let that stop you I didn't and I was able to go somewhere. As a Jr. member it is up to you on how far your dreams go don't sell your self short it all takes time. Two things to remember 1 training is one of the major keys to safety and 2 without training you don't get anywhere in life in the service and your chances of getting hurt are less.

    Play it safe andplay by the rules you will do ok.

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    In my department there are three juniors including myself. We are required to attend all meetings and training activities and encouraged to participate in (extra) training such as the Emergency Services Weekend College next weekend the 10th-12th. We can partcipate in all firefighting activities except for an interior attack. We do all training such as smokehouse, and nozzle training. We are a very hard working group which has become an important part of the department.

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    At our department, we as Explorers are allowed to do anything that the firefighters do except go inside a burning structure.

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    we are assined an engine co. or a rescue unit and we respond to all calls with our unit. we are not allowed to use over a 1 1/2in line at a fire or use power tools at a scene. I normally work out of our special opps station(E-13) i'm not allowed to do rope or high angle work at a scene but when we go to private bussnises to give traning in rescue I get to do some traning demos.

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    All of our juniors are encouraged to take any and all trainings they can, even if they are not permitted to actually train. In our state, juniors can do all exterior firefighting as long as they are under the direct supervision of a chief officer. Now that is sometimes very hard for our juniors to do much at fire scenes.our juniors do have to take a 40 hour class prior to riding calls and must attain a B grade or higher in school each semester to run and train.

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    Here, juniors are permitted to do just about anything that they're comfortable doing, and that their officer orders them to, short of interior ops. Different companies set different guidelines, so it really depends. Just my two pennies.

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    my department lets me go on any calls i want as long as i can help. I can do any exterior but no interior. I try not to go to hazmat and car wrecks with bad injuries
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