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    Hi! This past May my fire company, Clifty 6 Fire/Rescue, started a Cadet program. During last year's fire prevention week we did a presentation at a local high school and found a high level of interest in the fire service. Afterwards, at a company meeting, I suggested that we start a Cadet program. The company voted to allow me to research this idea. The first place I went was the company's insurance agent, who happen to be a VFIS representative. They loaned me a book titled "Junior Fire and Emergency Services Program." This explained how programs were designed and implemented in other parts of the US. It had sample SOPs and by-laws to draw from. It was extremely useful.
    I then found five more firefighters to help out. Two would help me with the actual day to day hands on stuff while the other three act as our Executive Committee. They are the ones who audits and reviews the program and it's activity, ensuring we're doing what we set out to do.
    I presented a proposal to the company and spent three months answering questions and covering all the bases. I then took it to our City Fire Chief for his approval and sent copies of everything to the insurance company.The company then voted to approve it. The last thing we did before recruiting was make a presentation to the local high schools and addressed their concerns.
    We have six Cadets, half of what we were designed for, and they just completed their basic training and elected officers. Other fire companies have allowed them to attend training sessions or have put one on for them. The local Director of EMS has offered them a First Responders class.
    We've been lucky and have received much support.
    Keep Safe!
    Mike Johnston
    Qusetions? e-mail me.

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    Talk to the Boy Scouts They have good stuff on it too.

    Nice Job!

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