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    Post Fundraising

    I was wondering what type of fundraising you post/fire company uses? My Post has tryed a couple of things and the fell through. Any ideas would help....thanks.


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    Joe, when I was an explorer in the mid 70's, (now I just dated myself) we would hold a Flea-Market every winter. We would sell table space for $25.00 a table and provide and sell the food for the day. We would cook hamburgers and hotdogs. We made a ton of money off this. We would also set up a $2.00 cover charge. We found the best time to hold them was in February. Why? I don't know, but we always did great in February! If you want anymore info drop me a line. Good luck brother.

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    Well, my post holds a car wash every month. Its a cheap easy way to make a lot of money. Last car wash we had we made $540 for just 4 hours of washing cars.

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    Lightbulb Chief of Fire/EMS Post 402 based out of New Milford, NJ. We jsut got underway with this project. Painting the fire hydrants in town...Listen up: United Water the water company here pays $10 a hydrant to be painted...well theres some 300+ plugs in my town so i think this is well worth the time...try and get over with dept chief..advisors. etc and try and see if this can be done with you...good luck

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    At my cadet department we do lots of things I guess, I wish we did more, we have done bake sales, yardsales, walk around town and collect money. We are working on other candy, calender, and the best of all lawnmower races!

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    Well, I help out with department fundraisers, but we don't do anything for the juniors' program because it is not necessary. I am the FIRST and ONLY junior in our department. We're thinking about recruitment, not fundraising.

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    Well for fundraisers we havent done one since i joined but we are getting ready to start one. We are going to sell metal signs with reflective 4"(regulation size around here) numbers on them to put on your mailbox so your house can be found easier. After we get done i can let you know how it went and more details if you would like.

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