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    Howdy there,
    I was wondering if anyone else has some real good companies that sell emblems, jackets, shirts, etc, whatever, with exploring themes? I know www.galls.com has a whole -bunch- of stuff that explorers can use, but I was wondering if there was anything else out there.

    15 and 2, - AG

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    How big is your budget?
    Any local uniform supply will have what you need. it's limited only by imagination and how mutch scratch you've got.

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    We buy our stuff from several differnt places, some local and some from places like galls.

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    Look @ www.ourdesigns.com . They have alot of good stuff and their prices are pretty decent.

    Nick Funk
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    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
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    "FireFighters Walk Where The Devil Dances."

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