Thread: CAR FIRES?????

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    Kramer1075 Guest

    Question CAR FIRES?????


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    e33 Guest


    NO First of all it is illegal in NJ, second of all it is dangerous, third of all it opens up your dept to a hell of a liability.

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    Firegal41 Guest


    I don't think our JR's are allowed to go to car fires, but i do know they are NOT allowed at car accidents.

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    NRFR/explorer Guest

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    At our post, car fires are usually a small deal. We are allowed to fight, not only car fires, but house fires and any other type of fires also. We can't do it alone though. We have to have a firefighter with us, making sure we don't do something wrong. Most of us have SCBA, Portable Extinguisher and Basic Pump training, so we are familiar on what to do!
    Joe, 16
    NRFR, explorer

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    DED1645 Guest


    NEGATIVE... Juniors are not permitted to fight any fire requiring an airpack for our SOP's state that. That is the major reason in the station. Besides the danger part and that as e33 stated that in Jiosey it is illegal.

    David DeCant
    Originally Mantua,NJ
    Presently Lindenwold,NJ(I'm not a member of any of this District's dept's.)

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    I have a question for NRFR/explorer.

    In you responce you said that the explorers and juniors are alowed the fight car and house fires. How is you dept getting by with this, in all of the states that I have ever been in this is not alowed. There is no reason in the world that you all should be doing this, what would happed if one of you got hurt or worse.


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    NRFR/explorer Guest


    Hammerhead338, DAD1645-
    I'm sorry, I probably gave the wrong impression. We aren't allowed to go into burning buildings, or houses with a potential fire in it. I meant fighting fires from outside. Basically what I meant by fighting fires was working a line, setting up equiptment, using extinguishers, stuff like that. While doing this, we have to have a certified firefighter with at all times, except for minor tasks. Or sometimes we are just right outside next to a firefighter using a hose while they give us the play-by-play on what they are doing. While we are doing this, all of us have turnout gear and most of us have basic training. I hope that answers you question. If you want to e-mail me, I'm at
    Joe, 16
    NRFR, explorer

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    OCFireEXP Guest


    hey all,
    in the OCFA, we can do exterior firefighting tasks. i would have to check on the car fire deal, but i would assume so, because it is exterior. but then again, you all know what happens when we assume! you make an *** out of U and ME.

    stay safe all.

    Joe Nassetta
    Orange County Fire

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    Wayno Guest



    We have Jr's in our department of two different age groups.
    1. 14 to 16 - Jrs are not allowed to do anything but learn equipment and some training.
    2. 16 to 18 - these Jr's are allowed to respond but must be with a Sr. Line office furthermore they are not allowed out on the first piece of apparatus. These Jrs are allowed a little (very little) more freedom. they are stil not allowed in a burning structure, operating a hose line, operating power tools or on ladders to name a few.
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    Borlan34 Guest


    To e33 and Hammerhead: It's dangerous to anyone no matter what age. Also, there are certain firefighters who should not be allowed to walk by themselves let alone fight a fire. The only reason persons under 18 cannot go "on air" and be interior is because of OSHA and their child labor laws.

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    FireManL1 Guest


    I am an adivsor for our junior fire department, we do not allow the juniors past the attack engine. They respond solely for support functions. This is for everyones own good. Being a junior is a good time for you to learn the trucks and some of the smaller tasks associated with firefighting. There will be plenty of time for you to fight fire once you turn 18. Unitl then gain what you can for knowledge. People may argue that the juniors are not learning anything by performing these smaller tasks, which actually they are learning. A junior should become familiar with operations before being placed in such situations.

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    I'm a Junior fire fighter myself and in our dept. it's not allowed. It's not allowed b/c it requires an SCBA. Plus it's also against the by laws to do it. We arn't allowed to do much except for maybe stand back and learn. We also lug the heavy stuff around for the yellow helmets, do clean up. At house fires we're allowed to do water supply. At brush fires we can use the 3/4 inch. hose. At mva's we do clean up. And i can't think of anyother things that i've been to so i'll just stop talking.

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    Fireman Ry Guest



    Ryan B.

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