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    Question How can I go abouts getting information on starting a junior Firefighter program ex

    Hello, I am looking into finding information on starting a Junior Firefighter Or explorer Program and which you might suggest is a better program out of the 2 I am 15 years old but am looking into starting a program with the help of a few firefighters in town.I am looking for information the subject and am going to relay the info to them and let them take it from there. There are quite a few teenagers who are mature and responsible and are very interested in Volunteer Firefighting. My town is a small town about 1.4 Miles square with 5 fire stations each housing 1 engine, and 1 Truck Company. And The town really doesnt have the extra money to start a junior program. Also I dont think the insurance Covers juniors. You must be FF1 and INS100 certified to ride the truck. Anyone I would appreciate if anyone can help me out with my topic. Please Email me or Leave a message on the board on how to get my HOpes of a junior firefighter program started. Thank you


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    Ok..I forgot to add a few things on top..anyway here they are...Also my town cannot afford to supply both MEMBERS or if they had a Junior or explorer program Turnout gear so basically its either one or the other Im sure many station in town have old gear to give us as a start and we could earn our own money to buy gear. Also if this works out I am not asking for us to Be able to FIGHT FIRE.Just to ride to the call and stay near the truck and do small things like Roll hose,Learn how to hook up to a hydrant,get tools off the truck, things like that. Nothing like Man an attack line on the outside of the structure.Also able to participate in Company Drills, Parades, Etc. Also I think it would be a good learning experience for teenagers, A kind of wake up call and to see the ugly side of life also. I think it also would be a good Self Esteem booster for a Junior firefighter to be able to be on the other side of the "yellowtape" and be able to take part in some Fire scene activity's Again as before nothing MAJOR. Also I think it would teach teenagers more responsibility. I know of a few Firefighters in town who would Greatly Appreciate to have a junior firedepartment well anyway. I hope to get one started with the help of alot of people


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    I am with a Dept. in Canada and we have had a Junior Program now for 6yrs. It is a great program to teach the youth the fundamentals of firefighting. They do everything the Reg's do except go in or on a burning structure, or attend MVA's. They assist with exterior attacks, change air bottles at the rehab site, run tools, foot ladders and all the other neccessary jobs that otherwise would take up a Reg that could be needed elsewhere. We suit them up in older turnout gear, that is in good repair, just not worn by Reg's anymore. This aids in the cost as they don't require the same suits as us because they again do not go in or on a burning structure.
    It also helps with their school work as they have to retain a c+ average and keep their attendence up in order to remain a Junior. We monitor their progress with the school councillor.
    I feel it is a very worthwhile and valuable program so I wish you luck in trying to get one started. Keep us posted!!

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    I am 16 and in charge of our Jr. Fire Dept. I am also from a small town. Our department has 16 members and all of them are happy with our program. Our Jr. program is only two years old and the only expenses I can think of us having is cleaning supplies to clean the fire trucks. We also get old hand me down turn out gear. It's not all that bad because all the members got new gear last year and what they had before wasn't in all that bad of shape. We have purchased T-shirts but the fire dept. pays for them. We do about everything except drive or ride the trucks on calls and go in a burning structure. Were allowed to go in a structure after the fire is out and if we are in full turn-out gear and with another fire fighter who says that it is alright. We can go in and look at the damage the fire did and learn a little bit about what happened.

    If you don't think they will let you go on calls than maybe you should see about what kind of work you can do around the station. Or you can do both. Their both pretty fun.

    Just remember if you get to do this that you are there to learn and not to run the show.

    Good Luck Man!

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    Hello Engine 058

    Happy New Year!!!
    I was cruising around the web site this afternoon and ran across your submission relative to the starting of an explorer program.

    My department is located in the Northwest corner of Vermont and about 8 or 9 years ago started an Explorer program, the first in the state to be chartered for the fire service. We are a muncipally owned department and the muncipality's insurance would not cover a Jr. FF program, however the Explorer program would be covered under the insurance of the Boy Scouts of America. We have been in existence ever since of course having our ups and downs but for the past couple of years we have averaged about 11 members.

    Turnout gear is usually the old gear no longer suitable for the members of the department. Explorers are NOT allowed to respond to the scene so this has worked out ok. They do provide invaluable assistance during an incident at the station.

    I am presently one of the advisors and my son has been in the program for 4 years.

    I would urge you to contac the local council office of the Boy Scouts for further information on Explorer Posts.

    By the way, we operate out of one station, and cover a village and township of a pop of approximately 6200. We have 3 engines, 1 tanker, 1 aerial ladder, and 1 utility. We are fire only - no ems and last night at 22:30 answered alarm # 178 for 1999

    Good Luck and please let me know if I may of any further assistance.

    Brian Savage
    Swanton Fire Dept
    Explorer Post 832
    Swanton, VT

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    Try to get your hands on a Boys Scout Fire Explorer guide book. It has a basic set of rules and good training info. Our explorers are very helpful at station and on fireground. They can not enter a burning building but most of the important work is being done on the outside getting ready, and their help has been welcome. They are not just around for dirty duty or to make-up shift shortages but are part of the team effort. Good luck !!!!

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    Thumbs up

    We have had Jr's here at our volunteer department for 30+ years. At this time over half of our roster of 60+ have come up from the junior program and I hope you can get one started at your station. If you would like a copy of our Bylaws and/or SOG's e-mail me at the address in my profile and I will be glad to e-mail you a copy. Good Luck.

    Kevin Sink
    Fair Grove Fire Dept.
    Thomasville, NC USA

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    Engine508-I am a Associate Adviser for Fire Explorer Post 405 which is through the Boy Scouts of America program. Our Explorers have provided our fire dept. with invalueable help during all types of responses-anything from structure fires, MVA's, radio ops, etc. they always come through for us. Get with the Scouts in your area and they will get you going in the proper direction. Good luck and e-mail me if you have further ?'s petrosky@umich.edu

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