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    Talking Calling All Junior's/Explorer's!!!

    Ok...here's your chance. We will be re-establishing a Junior/Explorer program in Feburary. The last one was disbanded when the last of ALL of the members became an active firefighter. The post was VERY successful and we hope to have the same results again. The problem...how to attract and KEEP members of the highest quality and enthusiasm.

    SO....that said...If you were the Officer/Advisor, how would you run the program? I am a former Explorer myself, (Post 280, sponsored by IAFF Local 280 City of Syracuse, NY), to be honest, we were nothing more than coffee and Gatoraid dispensors. I always wanted more, but politics kept us from growing. Here's your chance. Give me your "wish list." I want to know what guidelines you would like to see about EVERYTHING...drills, alarms, meetings, keys, "hanging out", etc. I MEEN EVERTHING!! If you could produce the ULTIMATE program, what would it be like?
    Remember that there will be the uninevitable sog's to follow for insurance reasons, and that there is little money up front to start the program, so you can't drive the apparatus and you wont be issued brand new PBI Gold with a Leather New Yorker. However everything else is fair game.

    Remember, I'm asking for it so LET ME HAVE IT!

    Results will be posted occasionally.

    Stay Safe and Stay Low


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    The Jr. Fire Dept. that I am apart of is comprised of only 6 members between the ages of 14 and 18 because once you turn 18 you can join the fire dept. I don't know how you would handle a Jr. Dept. in the city. Our fire dept. has 16 members and is volunteer. Two of us have dad's on the department and we go to fire and rescue runs with them. But were not allowed to ride in the engine. It doesn't really bother me much because I have my driver's license and can drive myself. The rules with us driving to the scene is that we can't break any laws, speed limits, or run blue lights.

    The other kids who don't make calls because their parents aren't on the fire dept. work around the station the same as me and the other kid who go on calls. We wash trucks and go to the meetings and the guys let us take any training classes that they can take if the instructor doesn't mind guest. The members of the fire dept. will teach us anything we want to know if they can explain it without confusing some of us. Other than that we are pretty laid back. The chief doesn't mind if we hang out at the station as long as we don't tear anything up and don't be giving out invitations for everybody to stop by and hang out too. We have rules about having to have a "C" average in school to be a member and you can't be in trouble all the time. Stuff like that. Please E-mail me and let me know if I was any help at all. Or just post it. I'm in the forum every now and then.

    Good Luck!

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    Since you said that there is "little money up front to start the program", I have a suggestion taht might help you save some money. Since a Jr. or Explorer cannot be involved in interior attack anyway, and all (or at least most), of their duties will outside of the IDLH areas, you could outfit your explorers with the Chicago style gear. The stormking hip-boots can be purchased for around $100 a pair, compared to the cost of buying knee boots ($80 to $100) plus bunker pants ($230+!). So this would save you at least over $300 per person.

    Not only would this save you some cash, but it would also provide you with a way to easily tell the explorers from the interior-qualified firefighters on a fire scene.

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    Thanks for your input so far, but this is a long time off so KEEP 'EM COMMING!!

    Let me clarify a few things first. I was an Explorer for a full-time paid dept. of over 440 uniformed personnel, BUT now I'm a firefighter in an all volunteer dept. of 53+ members running approx 500 alarms/year. The Jr. program will be for the volunteer dept. Membership into the dept. will also be at 18.
    We have a very small area, only about 1.1 sq miles, so any Jr could easily make it to the firehouse in under 10 min...even on foot. As for the money issue, that is a politicial thing we must approach the chief's line and commishiners with. There WILL be money available, but the Jr's would most likely be issued dept's reserve gear first. (TRUST me when I tell you that gear is probably better then some of the depts issue to firefighters now!) The money would have to come from fundraisers. If the Jr's wish to compete with other Jr's during conventions and the like, then the registration money would have to come from the Jr's first to show their real interest before they are "subsidized" by the dept.

    If anyone out there has a sop/sog they could copy and post here or send directly to my e-mail address, that would be greatly appreciated. It could be about anything, I'm mainly interested in the wording.

    Thanks for all the input so far, and I'll let you know what happens. A new fire chief takes over on 01.01.00 (he's paid in the dept I mentioned above), and we're all looking forward to a very productive year.

    Thanks again...

    Stay Safe and Stay Low


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    Its darn near impossible to organize a junior program anymore! They have so many laws about child labor, all they can do is sit around the station. They want to go to the scene and at least watch. But the laws are becoming to controlling over them, and they quit. I agree with cadet programs and child labor laws, but, there should be an exception for fire dept's. Do you agree? If we cannot train them with the live simulators, or a smokehouse, we cannot prepair them. Something needs to be changed, so we can better their chance of being a firefighter, and give them an open window into firefighting!

    This is my opinion, and does not effect that of my fellow members or my department!

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