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    Question Explorer Ride-Out Programs

    I'm trying to get information from Departments that have Explorer Ride-Out programs.I need information about insurance, releases of liability,and any other info.


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    To answer your inquiry on Explorer ride out policies, I can only say what ours is. We do not allow Explorers to ride on the apparatus on a run - in fact they are not allowed to be at the scene of an incident only by exception and that is usually when something is needed at the scene and can be transported by POV and the explorer has his or her license or to assist in overhaul and picking up after the incident has been cleared.

    During other times, such as drills, parades, etc. they may ride but must be in the cab if the apparatus is equiped with jump seats, they are not allowed in the jump seats. Of course they may sit anyplace in an crew cab.

    As for waiver of liability, I am NOT an attorney or for that matter an insurance agent either, however I have been around the legal system long enough between my real job's work and my position in the municipalty that owns and operates the department to get some knowledge of these issues. It is my understanding that the courts have ruled that is anyone constitutional right to sue. Constitutional rights CAN NOT BE WAIVED, so in the opinion of many differant attorneys that I have been in contact with over the years, waivers of liability are a joke.

    I would suggest you check with your dept, the board that oversees your dept, and the insurance company that is holding the policy on the dept's liability coverage. You may also want to get a legal opinion. If your dept is muncipally owned, many states have a municipal association that has a legal staff for free legal advice on simple issues.

    Good Luck

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    I was an explorer in a post that has a ride along policy, I am now an adviser and a Firefighter for the same Department. The Ride along policy that we have with our kids allow them to respond to the fire station during a call back and allows them to ride on the truck that is leaving. They have been taught all the basic FF1 skills & First Responder. They are told that they must have 1) The company officer or and advisors permission to get on the truck;
    2) They also now that they do NOT take the place of a FF, so if one comes in before we pull out of the station, they get off and go to the next one.
    3) They are to stay with either the driver of the vehicle or the advisor that is on the truck at All times to assist in activitys in a NON-HAZARDOUS ATMOSPHERE.
    ** As far as the insurance goes, they are covered under the Boy Scouts of America and there is no liability towards the city what so ever, they sign a waiver when they graduate to the "Ride a-long" stage of the program. Any other questions let me know.


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