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    What are some of your age limits for jr ff and what are you allowed to do. I am 15 and a half and have 6 months till i am a jr ff.
    Also how old do you have to be to go into a burning building?

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    OFD95 Guest


    Well in NJ, there are age restrictions that are set by the state. You should check with one of your officers about those. Some I have off the top of my head are: You must be at least 18 to operate power tools (Jaws, chainsaw) You must also be atr least 18 to participate in operations on your tower ladder/aerial. In terms of ground ladders, I do not thinkg that you are allowed to climb above 35 feet. You must also be 18, have pass the basic FF class for your state and be qualified in SCBA operations.

    In my department, juniors are not supposed to ride the 1st due engine on an alarm, unless the officer signals you to get on. Make sure you listen to the officer on you rig!!!

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    explorer36 Guest


    Here, in PA, i think you have to be 18 to go inside a burning building. To be come a junior you have to be 16 and to be an explorer 14.

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    evfdjf Guest


    In our company, 14 is the youngest age to join the dept. At 16 you can take basic firefighting training, but you cannot go inside a burining building till your at least 18. We also aren't allowed on the first truck, unless the cheif gives the go ahead.

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    jrff1 Guest


    well, i live in pa. i'm 14 almost 15. i have takein basic already. the only thing i can't do is ride the trucks till i'm 16 and enter a buildin till i'm 18. plus a few little things in between.

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    NMFD33 Guest


    dang hello oradell...yea over in New Milford, NJ Juniors can ride at 16 (state law)and we have pretty much no restrictions as to calls.

    Chris Kerrigan
    -Junior Fire Fighter
    NMFD Co.2 Tower/Rescue-31 Engine-33
    NMVAC 318 & 319
    New Milford,NJ

    "Species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast. All river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full"-In Flames

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    MEDIC4Lyfe Guest


    Well, I gotta say that the Dept. I am at seems great compared to what I hear! WE can ride at 14 and opperate any equip, EXCEPT the fire trucks (can't drive 'em) and we can't opperate the pump. We can help with anything else. We can't enter a building until 18. We can go to calls Code 3 at 16.


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    Borlan34 Guest


    To add to NMFD33's response....for the most part, juniors cannot go on FAST Team (aka rapid intervention team) calls unless there are empty seats and no more regulars are getting on the truck. Also, only up to 2 jrs. can ride on each apparatus. Other than that, jrs. can go on any other call and are expected to be active members


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    NFPD206 Guest

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    I am the volunteer supervisor form my department. That also includes the Cadets. We allow our Cadets to start at age 16 and the program lasts until they are 18. Our Cadets are a very useful part of our department. They for the most part do the same training as my 18 and older firefighters. We do not allow them to do interior attack because of laws and insurance policies. Our cadets do jobs such as refill SCBA bottles, exterior fire suppression, assist with car wrecks, traffic control, keeping the trucks in service, search and rescue, grass fires, water shuttle for rural fires, and assist with any of the day to day operations of the department. Our Cadets will also assist in mop up after structure fires. They are an assist to department and we are glad to have them. Good Luck and stick with it.

    Captain Jeremy Whitehill
    Nixa Fire Protection District
    Nixa, MO

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    Bacdrafted Guest


    Man i feel for those who are in alabama, in California more specific los angeles the explorers are allowed to fight Exterior, brush,and car fires depending on
    1.) they are certified
    2.) responsible and competent w/ the equipment, or
    3.) advisorors feel you have enough knowledge and competence w/ equipment
    4.) Are with the immediate supervisor (usually a firefighter) when operating or assisting w/ operations.
    We can help on medicals bp's pulses, first and secondary assesments, and if we are emt certs. basic life support skills.

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