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    Question Code of Conduct for Cadets/Jr. FFs

    I am the cadet coordinator for my fire department's program, and have been charged with writing a Code of Conduct/Rules and Regs to include such things as station curfews, entertaining friends, dating among members, limits on activities and calls etc etc etc.

    Any previous works, suggestions and the like would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Boy are you in for some fun. I will send you a copy of my vollie dept's codes.

    Local 3905

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    You have my address?

    Stephen C. Smith
    1420 5th Ave.
    Ste. 4100
    Seattle WA 98101


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    Our by-laws have a appendix for rules for jr/apprentice firefighters, I could send you. They are very vague but it will give you a general idea on how to write them.

    I also have a drafted copy that I wrote if you wish to see this. I have been trying to get it approved but keep getting road blocks.

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    dude- thats all well and good, but dont put restrictions on post members dating! thats not only pathetic, but if these kids arent gettting paid, you shouldnt have the right to do that! not just that but you might just drive some kids off!

    just make a rule that you cant do the backdraft scene on top of the engine

    see ya later,

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