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    Post minimum calls for juniors

    In the volley department I run with, a couple of the juniors are taking some heat for not making enough calls. But, they make more drills than most guys on the working force do. Between school and no blue lights, should we be expecting them to make as many runs as active members? They are not as useful as interior qualed. members anyway, so their presence will usually not make or break us. What do you think?

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    I find this to be a little strange a lot of departments limit the calls a Junior can go on. Being a Junior in NC our department encourages as much involvement as possible although within limits but we fall under the same rules as the adults enough calls and enough meetings to be an active member. Our Juniors are not allowed to go inside a burning structure or run emergency red lights we are at a good majority of the calls unless it is during school. Each department is different but if they make most of the meetings and are at what calls they can make I don't think there should be any disciplinary action taken.

    Leon Bass
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    In my department, Juniors are encouraged to atttened as many calls and drills as possible. Regular members are expected to respond to 60% of the calls per month. At the end of last year, we developed a program similar. A stat sheet is posted each month for the Juniors members, highlighting those members who attend 50% or more calls. There are no restrictions of when juniors can respond (except for if you are at school) and we do operate without blue lights. I respond from almost 1.5 miles away from the fire house, go to a school that is 10 miles away, and I still am able to make the quota.

    Overall, juniors should not be taking any heat. Juniors are still students and should be taking that work seriously first. Regular members often times have agreements with employers to respond during the day. Having the pressure palced on juniors like that, should not be!

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    No, whats important is your family, school, work then fire dept. And in that order.

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