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    Chris Deyerle Guest

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    I am a Jr. FF for are local Vol. Fire Department and I can not go on any calls because of the Alabama State Law. It says " No person under the age of 18 years is allowed to participate in any actual fire fighting activites relating to fires, Hazardous materials, no matter what kind of fire." Well I think that sucks because I was reading others like this but they could go on car accidents, brush fires, and house fires but could go in the house. So I was wornding why that is in Alabama and not in other states? I really want to help out as much as I can but the state says NO.

    Chris Deyerle

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    SBear597 Guest



    In our Department by-laws under rules for Apprentice Firefighters, they may:

    (a) ride vehicles to and from a fire call if an interior seaar is available, after successfully completing NYS Basic Firefighters Course.

    (b) They will report and recieve instructions from a Fire Department Officer, Station Officer, or Engine Operator (in that order) at a fire scene. (HE/SHE MAT NOT ENTER A BURNING STRUCTURE OR ENGAGE IN ANY ACTIVITY WHICH MAY ENDANGER HIS/HER SAFETY OR THE SAFETY OF OTHERS).

    I could not tell you what the New York State Law is but if our by-laws state this then there's got to be something by the state.

    Some states have this for your safety. There
    are some jr. firefighters that are not responsible enough to handle dangerous situations and it puts the other firefighters in danger themselves. I'm not saying your irresponsible but it's the generalizition it places you under.

    In some states you have to be 18 to operate any type of heavy equipment or machinery. I think that lawmakers use this law across the board for any occupation including fire fighting.

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    Ray34 Guest


    Chris, look at my response under "explorer's duties"

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    pavolly Guest


    I wish we had the same laws as Alabamba. Junior FF's are the dumbest idea i've ever seen. They are useless on firegrounds. I have had to practically tackle juniors from entering a buring building. They run off the truck, grab a booster, and start shouting "gimme water". They are so excited they dont realize a booster wont work if a room is fully involved in fire.
    Then they got a little training, and look out. Jrs. think they should be incident commander because they are CPR certified and have take some of the FF1 course. Idiocy.

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    NMFD33 Guest


    I dont know about my Dept nowadays but as a Junior last time i ran off the engine and grabed a speedlay to the door and radioed in on the portable to give me water...wait that never happened here sorry. If your Dept has that problem or your just BSing than its your depts fault for letting such immature people on their apparatus. I have the first half of fire 1 and im an now i have that incident command green light on the top of my car as well?

    Chris Kerrigan
    -Junior Fire Fighter
    NMFD Co.2 Tower/Rescue-31 Engine-33
    NMVAC 318 & 319
    New Milford,NJ

    "Species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast. All river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full"-In Flames

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    Yellowengine Guest

    Thumbs down

    pavolly.....I bet YOU didn't act like a veteran on your first structure fire run either. I would sure hope everyone around the station calls you by atleast Captain,cause if they don't,you shouldn't deserve to be talkin like that. never were a probie before...or did you graduate from FF1 and get promoted as Chief. Sure, I'm "only" an explorer, but I'm not the one walkin around with a "big head". Don't get me wrong...I have BEYOND respect for all veteran firefighters because they've worked so hard to get where they are. Lets just say I can't stand the ones the who OVERabuse the privilage of having a title thats within reaching distance of a 100 foot arial ladder on the 112 foot tall "tower of power".

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    Hey Chris don't stop looking for things you can do to help. God knows there are many things to do, check with your chain of command. I can understand Pavolly's point but he needs to take his points of safety up with his department not on the juniors or Explorers. I am the advisor of the Explorer post at our dept. and I wouldn't let any of my Explorers take his (pavolly's) advice. When our department gets a call the Explorers can ride on any truck as long as there is no paid or vol. member to take the seat. When an Explorer arrives on scene they check in with IC and then follow the sop's set up for the Explorers. They go to the staging area the heart of supplies & demands they get needed tools from the trucks, change air tanks on scba's, get drinks for FF's that are resting, keep their eyes on dept. property, and so many other things that someone who could be fighting fire would be doing. A jr.ff or Explorer are the future of the fire service, if trained right they could teach some old dogs new tricks. I listen to my Explorers and they have got a lot of fresh and new ideas that help all out. I don't know the laws in your state but you can get them DON'T take someones word that you can't trust, learn if you don't know ask. Keep up your intrest in the fire field it's one of a kind.



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    Engine508 Guest


    Hey Pavolly! Juniors are a great IDEA! Its the officers and departments fault for letting those kindof people join the department. YOU WERENT EXCITED at you First fire call? Give me a break...You got so many Emotions running through your head on your first fire it isnt even funny...And what makes it harder is that they are juniors and they dont know better...My opinion is JUNIORS can only go on MINOR FIRE CALLS...Mva's..Helicopter fires...all those things..Other than that they better Keep there Butt's in the station. Unfortunatley we do not have a program but a few members there brothers who are ages 15-17 help out around the station.we want to get a junior started but hte city wont let us. Anyway...Chris...Dont worry about your problem..You'll get to enter those buildings and take part at a fire scene very soon. The years go by fast trust me I know. And There will always be Fires..and Incidents where people need your help. So just hang in there and Good Luck.

    "You Go....We Go"
    "Emt's Don't Die They Stabalize"

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    RHINO Guest


    Chris, Glad to see your intrest in the fire service. I am an Explorer advisor for the Birmingham Fire & Rescue Service, We allow our explorers to respond to emergency incidents in a ride a long program. Please continue to gain any knowledge that you can about the fire service. If you are anywhere near here give me a call.

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    NMFD33 Guest


    that last reply i made in this topic was a sarcastic comment to another reply saying that juniors were running into the building and all this NJ explorers cant ride to calls. if they are juniors thats another story. im both but since im an Junior that is what matters more. our explorers dont have pagers, they catn drive to calls being that they wont have their licenses anyway and by that time they should be juniors...

    Chris Kerrigan
    <>Junior Fire Fighter-NMFD Co.2
    New Milford,NJ

    "Species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast. All river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full"-In Flames

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    Paul Fenush Guest


    Juniors and explorers are a good idea for the vol. fire service as long as there is good leadership and the kids have rules to follow. Our dept has juniors and explorers and we had a lot of issues with the kids at first. They would jump on the first out piece of equipment, there was no set helmet color for them, and gear was an issue. We now have them under control. They are not allowed to be at the firehouse by themselves, they only ride the last out piece of apparatus, they have red helmets while the rest of the dept wears black, they have jumpsuits marked with "EXPLORER" so yes the program has worked out for our dept. I can understand if you are upset because you cannot do anything yet but hang in there and go to training. YOUR DAY WILL COME.

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