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    Chris Deyerle
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    Thumbs down Alabama Child Labor Law

    Well guys I got a problem and a need HELP. I am a new cadet FF for a vol. department, and I can not got on any call what so ever because of the LAW ( Alabama). It says "No person under the age of 18 years is alowed to participate in any actual fire fighting activites relating to fires, hazardous materials no matter what kind of fire."
    But we can train and stuff like that but no going on a single call.
    I think that if I can prove my self to the cheif that I know what I am doing and can past the "Cheif's" Test I should be able to go on atleast a brush fire call.
    Let me know what you think PLEASE. Any Alabama people if you know where I am comming PLEASE respond to this.

    Thanks and be safe

    Chris Deyerle

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    Chris..I know where your comin from..In the state of New Jersey any persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate in firefighting activities either.It also depends on your insurance to. With explorer programs towns are using them more than Junior Firefighting Programs because the "laws & rules" are more lenient. And The Boy Scouts of America covers all insurance of each member. Talk to your Chief and tell him that explorer programs are better. You may think it sucks now not being able to go on a call. BUT I guarantee something is gonna happen within the next few years with Juniors..and They are going make more strict laws because I think it is ridiculous to be even NEAR the fire building when you are under the age of 18.. Now if I had a junior program I would make them stay near the truck and observe the activities. It is just to risky to have teenagers operating at a firescene. BUT..It is also a GREAT Learning experience. Anyway..I know explorer programs allow you to do the same thing as a Junior FF ..operate hand lines.etc...so check it out. Ok Be safe

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