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    Question Helmets for Explorers??

    My Explorer program issues us orange hard hats instead of regular fire helmets. However, we as Explorers ride to calls, do exterior work, and train with the regular members. I want to switch to regular helmets because ours are not confortable, we've already broken 2 of them, and they just were not made for the fire service. Anyone have any opinions about whether we should get real helmets, or just stick with the hard hats we have now?

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    In response to you Opinoin about explorer helmets, yes some can be uncomfortable, but as an explorer myself from L.A. County we get firefighter's helmets our fire fighters wear yellow helmets, so we wear black helmets. Talk to your advisor and see if the dept you are posted at has any f.f. helmets that are not the same as you f.f.'s helmets.

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    My department issues us orange Bullard helmets. They are regular ff helmets and they do just fine. When we take FF 2 ( a class in WV) we get a yelloew helmet with a orange stripe down it which I will get anytime..so I dont mind orange hats. I think it makes you stand out on scene and thats a good thing. People watch out for you more so you dont get hurt.


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    good job drew way to try to get us those helmets

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