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    Question More info to start JR. FF and Explorer programs.

    I am trying to gather information, for our trustees, to start a Jr. FF and/or Explorer program in a small central Illinois town. We are a volunteer department. If anyone is able to share their guidelines for Jr. FF or Explorer programs please post them here or email them to me as an attachment. Any and all assistance is appreciated.

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    Im an Ex-Chief of a Fire/EMS explorer post. ive worked for scout camps for 3 summers and have been i scouting for 12 years. What you want to do is get in contact with your local council service center to get info on starting a post. If your council is anything like mine, dont hold your breath. BSA National is going on a corporate merger spree with its smaller councils and making them one large councils, service has droped and its all for the $. If you need anything else write me...chris

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    My volunteer dept. has had a Junior program for 13 to 19 yr olds going on 30+ years. It has been very successful for the teens as well as for us.(About 2/3 of our dept. has come up from the Jrs.) I will E-mail you a copy of our by-laws and SOG's. Any one else interested can E-mail me and I will get you a copy. Good Luck.

    Kevin Sink
    Fair Grove Fire Dept.
    Thomasville, NC USA

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