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    Justin Gershon
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    Red face It's allways school

    Hey I was just wondering what you guys think about firefighters (probie's Jr's) leaving school to go to calls. I personaly think we should for one reason we are learning about firefighting every time we go to a alarm and also my sis co is just a rock throw from my school and the last reason is that there is no one around in the day time. I you all can respond what you think.

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    FF McDonald
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    You are in school to learn. Granted, your statement about learning on calls that you go to is correct-- BUT - you need to graduate high school before you even consider doing anything else. I strongly reccomend college after that. How are you going to graduate high school if you are leaving class every other day to go to calls???

    About no one being around during the day-- how much are you going to be able to do on the scene as a Junior FF / Explorer?

    Please stay in school and get your education. The fire service will be here when you are done- I promise.


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    dude- seriously, my philosiphy is the same as mark's. education first. especially sicnce you are a junior firefighter, and you cant go interior, or drive the apparatus, you dont make much difference. stay in school. im a EXP, and in school, but unless it was the towering freaking inferno, i wouldent ditch study hall to go!


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    FFMcDonald and OCFireEXP are right. Your primary responsibility is to go to school and get an education first. Not to leave and go to calls. Your education is much more important, because without it, good luck doing anything with fire/ems in the future. I know school can get boring sometimes, but it's more important to learn at school than it is to at calls. Don't worry about going to calls. There will be plenty when you become a full member.
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    Sorry guy I agree with the rest. You need your education to Advance in the fire service. You need to read, write and be able to do math. You will have plenty of time to fight fires after graduation. Keep up the studies.

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    McF 33
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    Well, I know you are just trying to give a hand where it is needed. With our post the explorers can't go simply because the school will not permit them to leave or even cary pager to know there is a call. Which I'm glad because I don't want any of the explorers having their pager go off for bunny runs. In the event they really need help during the day they better have mutual aid because a few explorers aren't going to make a difference. The primary reason for explorers to reponsed on calls is to learn not help and there is plenty of time outside of school.

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    Bob Snyder
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    I can honestly understand where you're coming from. When I was a junior and in high school, I wanted to take off on every fire call that came along, and I couldn't understand why juniors weren't allowed to carry pagers in school or to leave school (except by special request of a Chief for a specific incident and with prior permission from parents, which mine wouldn't give me). To me, it seemed infinitely more important (and more fun) to be on that fire scene than it did to be sitting around in some classroom. That was then.

    This is now: more than 15 years later, a high school diploma, a bachelor's degree and a master's degree on my wall...and some trumpets on my uniform collar. Now, I can't understand why parents or schools would be allowing juniors to leave school at all. Let's face it...in retrospect, my education was a lot more important than the fireground experience I would have gotten if I had been dashing out of school for every fire call that came along. You've got time to gain that fireground experience, but you only get one shot at that education (no matter what level or type of education you're shooting for).

    Truth be told, the fact that I have a specialized education (even though it has no direct relationship to fire fighting) and the experience that has gone with it along the way has a lot to do with why I have those trumpets on my collar right now. Look around your station, and I'll bet you'll find that most or all of your officers have some structured, post high-school education, whether it's from college, trade school, or some other specialized program. They might be business people, builders, electricians, plumbers, teachers, mechanics, career firefighters, chefs, or whatever. The point is that the specialized skills and problem-solving ability that they gained in school and, later, at work probably helped them to stand out along the way in the fire service at some point, and that's what put them on the path to where they are in the fire service now. You won't get there by blowing out of school at every opportunity.

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    Brian Book
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    Go to school then worry about firefighting

    Cadet Capt Book

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    Why leave school just to go to a smoke detector activation?!?! 99.9% of the time it is just a malfunction anyway. Our school doesnt even allow pagers of ANYKIND Personal,fire,ems, anything like that in school. I think its ridiculous that schools even consider letting students go play glory boy..I mean I could see if you are 18..a senior and ARE a priority to the Dept and ARE NEEDED at a call. But when your just a junior or explorer..come on...ANYTHING is more exciting then school work. But remember there will always be Fire/Ems calls for the rest of your life..Just wait till your out of school.. Then you can knock yourself out answering calls whenever you want! My station is basically in the school parking lot..I see the truck go to calls all the time..and I wonder what they are..But I dont let it get to me that much. I just keep thinkin there is always gonna be a call after school. So basically my advice is stay in school..cause leaving isnt gonna get you ANYWHERE in this world.I mean which is more important? A School education thats gonna get you a job with GREAT PAY..or learning how to ventilate a burning structure? I'd go with the school education cause the Education is gonna get you the Job...and the Pay check from that job is gonna buy you the car and the gas you use to respond to those Firecalls... But hey its your life...My opinion is You only get one chance in life and if you screw up..you better hope its not that bad cause once you screw up theres no turning back. Be safe

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    i think as long as u keep ur grades up why not be able to go to a call in school. i know i can keep mine up

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