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    Question what is the job of a jr. fireman?

    i would like to know what the job of a jr.fireman is because i would like to be a fireman in 3years

    you can e-mail me at
    thanks a lot...
    Richie Soblio
    age 15


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    Fireman Ry
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    You pretty much go and get things for the senior guys. You help the driver of the appartus out. You will also change out bottles on SCBA.

    Ryan B.

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    You do help the driver and get tools when their requested. You can do some other things. Check with your local company.

    President - WHTFC Explorers

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    Another task for the juniors or explorers is just plain "Suport,Suport, Suport" Its nice to have them in any way that they can assist us. Even if its just the ol boring of getting us fluids or of the excitement of spraying the hose on the fire. Its nice to have you there.

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    Bob Snyder
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    Your #1 job: LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN by participating in as much as you are allowed to under your departments rules and your state's law.

    Your #2 job: Repeat #1 as often as possible so that you're ready to "hit the ground running" when you're no longer a junior.

    Everything else is secondary.

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    It's nice to hear you want to get involved with the fire service. We have a junior firefighter program in our station. The most important thing to do is to learn as much as you can from the officer's and the other member's. On the fireground they assist the pump operator and after that he/she moves onto help the firefighter's with air pack's and tool's or whatever. We let them see inside the fire building as long as he is with officer or senior man AND as long as it is safe and no fire is present.

    Good Luck and Stay Safe

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