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    Question can we go to a call with our blue light on?

    i want to be a jr.fireman in my town because i want to be a fireman when i got older. i want to know if we can go to calls with a blue lights on?
    thanks Richie Soblio
    age 15
    from Lakeville,P.A.


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    Okay, let's get this straightened out.

    No, no, no and another no.

    Explorers/Jr's + Red lights = Time bomb

    For one thing, your 15 and don't even have a liceanse yet, so don't worry about it. Second of all, if you become an explorer, the BSA dosen't let you.
    Someone who just got their liceanse is not experienced enough to use lights. I know how much you guys want a light, and I would like one myself, but I know for my own good that I shouldn't have one. When the call comes in, the adrenaline can hit you like a heart attack, and that's why a light for a explorer/jr. is not a good idea. Lights are a big responsibility!! By being an explorer/jr., don't worry about lights now, concentrate on getting educated in fire fighting so you can be a damn good one when you join. The time will come when you can use them.
    Joe, 16
    NRFR, EMT-W trainee, 2nd Luet. explorer
    KFD, MFD, Roger's Rangers-EMS

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    im allowed to use my lights for the ambulance corps only, not the fire dept. dosnt matter ill be a probie member and able to in 3 month s anyway. I live 2+ miles from the corps building and im one of the frequent responders, i wouldnt make it if i didnt have lights. By the way NRFR what do you have to do for wilderness EMT? im already EMT-B (actually since feb 22 in nj there is no such difference between EMT-B and EMT-D, its all one thing now.

    Chris Kerrigan
    ~Junior Fire Fighter-NMFD Co.2
    New Milford,NJ

    "Species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast. All river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full"-In Flames

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    I know how it feels to not be able to run code 2 or code 3 in a car. I turn 16 about a week ago but until we Jr.s on my department turn 18 we have to rely on our car flashers. Also were do you live in ky and most other states fire service's use red lights not Blue(police only). If you are lucky enough to get in the first or second trucks out then be ok with operating the trucks lights, sirens, and air horn I do some of the time.

    Stay Low Stay Safe!

    Jr.Firefighter Unit266
    Jenkins Vol Fire Dept

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    Fireman Ry
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    Ryan B.

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    Nope....not until your 18. It also depends on your township and if they allow you to even run blue lights.

    President - WHTFC

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    I don't know what the laws are in your state however.....
    In my dept. we DO NOT allow Jrs. to run with blue lights. Blue identifying someone as a member of a vol. fire agency. I sometimes have enough of a problem keeping the responsible individuals in line with this issue.
    Even if they could, the light is used for identification ONLY. You are not (legally) able to speed, cross the double yellow line, or run though stop signs or red lights (or drive like an idiot).
    I hear the excuse too many times that with out a light I won't make it to the call in time. In theory, it shouldn't take any longer with the light than with out.
    In closing I ask this that choose to break the law: Is it worth the risk? The risk of either possably getting a ticket or even worse that of getting into an accident?
    One more thing: even if you were able to go beyond the speed limit and run red lights (or drive like an idiot), what would you be able to do being a brand new jr. firefighter?

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