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    Brian Book Guest

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    Does anyone know where I can get some free or very cheap full turnout sets? Are cadet group needs it very badly and we dont really have a budget.

    Cadet Capt Book

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    chiefcadet Guest


    I would like to know if any fire dept. would be interested in donating or selling gear at a nominal fee. We need gear in our cadet program....

    IF you are interested, email:

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    explorer36 Guest


    A good place to look is local fire companies. Call around see if any company has a few sets of gear sitting in a closet or storage room. There is bound to be a set somewhere. Good Luck!

    President - WHTFC Explorers
    Webmaster - Central PA Fire Page

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    FireManL1 Guest


    When I was an explorer we were having the same problem, we had more members than we did gear, and we had no budget to buy gear. We checked around with local departments to see if they could help us out and donate a few sets. You would be surprised at how helpful they will be if they are asked. All you have to do is call and speak with a chief or somebody else with some rank or pull, and explain your situation. Remember that juniors do not need top of the line gear. A lot of departments have old sets of gear kicking around that they have no use for, that they may not be able to issue due to the fact that they would not meet todays standards. If the gear is only going to be worn by juniors, then it doesn't really need to meet standards, because juniors should not be in any area that would warrant new top of the line gear, although anyone that is going to be on the firescene should have a complete set of turnout gear. I am an advisor for a junior fire department now, and we have actually looked into outfitting the juniors with a jump suit rather than bunker pants and a bunker coat. They would still wear boots, helmet and gloves, but the jump suit serves the purpose as we do not allow juniors past the attack truck.

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    Adam Guest


    I know that the the fire departments in town give the cadet program where im from old gear that they dont use any more. But when u fine gear make sure that the color of the cadet's gear is a different color from the regular's color. Like in my town the regular's have yellow and the cadets have black gear.
    Fellow cadet

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