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    Question Female Jr. Firefighters

    Should Females Be Firefighters?

    I am a female 16 yrs old. I am impatiently waiting for tuesday night to come because that's my big night! That's the night the company votes an wether I become a jr FF or not. All along this process so far I have gotten nothing but negative responses from anyone and everyone. I am looking for some input and also some advice. HELP!


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    Yeah females can be firefighters I guess. As long as they are not small and tiny. It seems every female firefighter I know is small. That makes it hard when you have to work together. Other than that it seem to be ok. Although it is hard to get used to.

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    In Our fire explorer post we have a female explorer. For the most part everyone encouraged her to get on. She got sent to a exp cert academy with 4 other explorers and now she's a certifed explorer and higher then 19 of the other explorers. Be yourself and dont lie, then youll get on.

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    I don't think it matters if your small or not. Its how you get the job done in the end! In our post we have 2 explorers and they work just as hard as anybody. Good luck on Tuesday. I'm hopefully getting voted in next Tuesday!

    President - WHTFC Explorers

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    Sex shouldnt matter as long as standards arent lowered for females. They should HAVE TO pull off the same amount of work as the male F/F's. Times have changed and good luck to any female who wishes to go for it...

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    Does your Fire Department have a set of physical standards/test that all fire fighters must take? If so, I'd tell everyone who's been giving you negitive feedback to stick their noses up the backside of a compressor and go for it.

    If not, the department really does -not- have a right to deny you based just on your sex. If you are capable of performing all the tasks of a junior ff, female or male, then you have every right to be a junior.

    As a Police Explorer, I can understand your problem. Often, we will get females in our post who show up to learn about 'Parole' law or othersuch, and soon realize, you can be female, and still do all the nifty stuff.

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    Bob Snyder
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    Go for it. There's no reason why you shouldn't (other than those that reside strictly in other people's minds). My station has had female fire fighters since at least the late 1970s. Currently, there are three (two FF/Engineers and a fire police lieutenant), but there have been as many as six at a time out of a crew of roughly 20-25 people. Some started as juniors, some came out later, but that's not really the point. The point is that what matters is what people can do when the chips are down, not whether they are female or male.

    An aside on this "tiny" discussion...a few years back, I was participating in a demo for an Essentials of Fire Fighting course. We happened to be working on rescue techniqes and, just to make a point, we decided to make me (at 6'3", 325 lbs.) the "downed fire fighter" and a female fire fighter (at about 5'4" and maybe 125-130 lbs.) the "partner" who had to do the rescue. Just to make it interesting, we were "trapped" on the second floor, with a ground ladder as the only means of egress. You can guess where this is going...she got me on the ladder and to the ground with no help from me. It's all about the technique and the conditioning, not raw size.

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    I'm the advisor of our Explorer post (11 members) and I have 6 (SIX) female Explorers and they hold their own, but they also recognize their limits. Some (most males) don't or won't recognize their limits or even admit they have any. I am a male 37 yrs. of age and I feel I'm fair to both male/female in the fire service, you see I'm also a Vol.Lt. of a paid/vol. department. The paid department has 2 Females, the Vol. has 4 Females (2 EMT-IV, 1 in EMT-IV school and 1 1st responder). I would welcome anyone with open arms that truely have their heart in the right place, I would say that currently it seems that the females are wanting more detailed training (knowledge of) then the males, they (the males) want to do more physical things -it's a testosterone thing- like running,pulling hose lines, etc...- The saying goes " BE KIND TO YOUR CHILDREN, THEY PICK YOUR RETIREMENT HOME".

    You sound like a kid at Christmas waiting for you presents, maybe try to relax and remember good things come to those who wait, a little thing that might help is find a subject or job that is not being done (around the fire station) and make it a point to learn it, know it and do it. Thats what makes others pay attention and accept new members (female or male) the attitude is how people judge you. If you ever come to East Tn. drop me a line and please visit OUR POST and the Fire Dept. Hope you get what you want and deserve in life. It should not matter if you are female or male as long as you train,study and apply what you learn on the job.


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    FF McDonald
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    I hope that you got voted on. If they didn't vote you on they are stupid.

    That having been said, there are a lot of good posts here. Take the advice that has been given to you. Learn what your limits are, know them and abide by them. I also feel that ALL members of a fire department, whether they be male or female, paid or volunteer should meet the same standard. This is extremely important, especially for the reasons that have been mentioned in this thread. When you and your partner are having difficulty on the hose line is not a time to find out that one of you isn't fully qualified to be there.

    Do not let anyone set a separate standard for you. Strive to do your best. I wish you the best of luck.


    The opinions presented here are my own, and not those of any organization that I belong to.

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    I have to agree w/ NMFD33. Don't expect/accept any different treatment, better or worse. And as for the people telling you not to do it, you MUST create your own path. Do not allow others to hold you back.


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    Hey, good luck getting voted in!

    I've been a female jr.ff for the past 3 yrs, and am now president of Explorer Post 3435. You can do it. Your size and stature doesn't matter...I'm a lightweight myself, but I pull just as much work as the others. If the guys at your station are smart, they'll let you try and help you along the way. Listen to what they got to say (experience and education is the key), and believe in yourself no matter what they say. Trust me. I've had a lot of help, but I've also had my share of the negativity. You have to believe in yourself if you want to succeed, especially in the male-dominating career of firefighting. You'll make it...they're crazy not to accept someone just because of their age, stature, or gender.

    I'll say it again, good luck!

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    jrfemalef in our cadet program where im from we have many females. but it also depends on wether or not u want to work together with the other members and how much u are willing to push your self.

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    as for females being in the fire service...i am all for it, but being a female firefighter i guess i'm a little biased. all i'm saying is that if you are truly meant to be a firefighter, nothing will be able to stop you. as for tuesday night, did you get voted in? i hope so!!!!! stay low and stay safe.

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    i have to disagree with Haligan125 and any one else who thinks it ok except if they are small. I am a 19yr old male firefighter. i am only 5'8 and 130lbs. that does not mean i can't do my job as well as a 6' 180lb guy. and the should females be fireighters. YES!!!! i run with several females and i trust my life with them. Sex plays no part in what you can and can't do. To to all of the female wanting to be firefighter, GO FOR IT. we need people like you.

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    as an male Jr. FF I think you should go for it, Good luck

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