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    Bacdrafted Guest

    Talking SCBA's

    IN LA Coutny they train their explorers in SSCBA usage and even test them on it. we use them in burn rooms and down at the academy.
    Does your dept let explorers use SCBA's, if so do they train you to do it under a certain time limit?
    If not, why not and do they still train you to know how to use them?
    At our post we have three methods
    Sling (60 sec. time limit)
    Overhead (60 sec. time limit)
    Crosshand (60 sec. time limit)
    lemme know......

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    FireManL1 Guest

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    You what? You used them in burn rooms? That is illegal. It is fine for explorers and juniors to train with air packs but not in actual fire situations. 60 seconds is a generous amount of time to don an air pack. In Maine you have 2 minutes(without a hood) to go from stocking feet to breathing air and 2 minutes and 10 seconds a hood. We choose what ever method we feel comfortable with for the test. Over the head is the best and most efficient method to use. When you have it laying on the ground you have the chance to see both your tank gauge and your regulator gauge at the same time. Then once your pack is sliding down your back you have the oppurtunity to cinch up your straps nice and tight. One thing to remember is practice with the different methods and then choose the one that works the best for you, once you choose one stick with it. Then when you go for the test set up all your equipment the way you want it.

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    Actually, whether that's "illegal" or not depends on what state you're in. We train juniors (we don't have Explorers) on the donning and use of SCBA when they are 16-17 and we'll allow them some limited training evolutions in SCBA at that age, under tightly controlled conditions. After all, what good is it to have juniors if you're not going to start to train them to "hit the ground running" when they turn 18??

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    firecadet613 Guest


    What else can you do in LA County?

    Joe E. Thomson
    AIM: Firecadet613

    Real hero's wear SCBA's, not capes. Let's try for a record year of below average LODD's. You never know, it could always be you or me.

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    FireManL1 Guest

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    I realize that you what to "hit the ground running" when you turn 18, but there is a lot more to learn than using an airpack. You should be getting trainging in the other aspects of firefighting before you recieve training such as that. Besides if you were to recieve training such as that I can't see being in a situation that involves live fire evolutions, that is ridiculous. Like I said you should be concentrating on the other aspects like fire behavior, and the support functions that you can actually do on a scene.

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    nfd20 Guest


    Hey fire man L1..its not illegal aslong as its a controled burn and some juniors are allowed in working structure fires..we use SCBAS on a regular basis..When ever we are at Working incidents and there is heavy smoke we are told to don them. We take a test every month called the 40 second don. You have 40 seconds to start breathing air..its difficult but fun.

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    cmjones Guest


    I went through a Basic Osha Firefighter Class and took the Live Burn at the fire academy. I had to get my guardian to sign a letter to not hold the fire academy responsible if I got hurt.

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    SCAFDEXP Guest


    My post does train Explorers with the usage of SCBA's. Regular Explorers are trained how to use them, and how to don them properly. We also have some Explorers(myself included), who are attending FF I & FF II academy. These Explorers are trained in donning methods, usage, and time. Time reguired by the State of Michigan on the final exam is 70 seconds, so that is the times we shoot for. Explorers who are not going through academy may also practice for time, but are not required to.

    Nick Funk
    Explorer Captain
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
    Post 41

    "FireFighters Walk Where The Devil Dances."

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    CFD Explorer Guest


    We train a lot with Scott 2.2's. Our advisor stresses SCBA skills.

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    cafirefighter Guest


    Hello im a 17 y/o firefighter for riverside county, california. it works in conjunction with CDF. I currently am volunttering in a contract city. I don't thik explorers/ JR FF's should have to use them on the fireground. But, I understand their are diffrant opinions.


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    nomad1085 Guest


    The Explorers in My Dept are trained in changing bottels and other activities other than wearing the pack. Explorers are NOT allowed to wear SCBA or in an interior envirnment involved in fire. At a structure fire, explorers can change bottles and such which is a BIG help esspecially with short man-power.


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    spo0k Guest


    I have a different view of this situation.

    For three years I was an explorer with a department that had a tight leash, that is, no riding on runs, no interior attack, no live fire evolutions.

    While I wanted like hell to go in with the rest of the firefighters, I look back and feel that exterior operations was much more appropriate.

    First off, simply said, explorers/juniors/cadets for the most part arent insured. Sure, ask me back then and I woulda said "oh heck with insurance, i'll be fine!" but looking back, that was not an intelligent stance.

    Second it allowed us to see the big picture. Instead of being so focused on the line going inside, we were able to sit back and learn about multiple operations going on at once (ventilation, water supply, crowd control, search, attack, etc.)

    Finally, I honestly feel that being inside is something you must earn through hard work and dedication. The more you work for something the more you appreciate it, and, in my case, the less squirrelly you will be when you finally get inside.

    There, that is my rant about interior operations and explorers. As for SCBA training, I firmly believe in that. SCBA should be one of the first things you should train on, and train hard. As firefighters we all know all the operating parts of our packs (I hope) and that is through training. The more training, the more comfortable, and also, the less likely to suck down a bottle in 10 minutes.

    FF. Mike Burnes
    Whitehall Fire Division

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    Nick SBFD 6 Guest

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    Geez, illegal in ME huh? I was 15 when I took FF1 and did burns before that too! I guess it must be an Explorer law not state law. That's why we got Jr's not Explorers

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    FiRsqDvr45 Guest


    It may or may not be against the guidelines that the BSA puts out in their Explorer Program, however each post can manipulate or interpret those rules as they see fit. Remember the BSA is a sanctioning agent not a dictatorship, the towns have municipal insurance and I am sure that the LAFD has a decent policy and some legal advice at their disposal to make sure what they are doing with their Explorers is not "illegal", immoral, or otherwise "naughty". And who is this FireManL1 to speculate or accuse them of doing something illegal, especially from 3000 miles away as FireManL1 from "Southern Maine" has done. Maybe you should contact LACFD and ask about their program before you again post laying down a statement about something which you know nothing. It may be against FireManL1's departemnts policies but his department(were ever it is as he posts under the vague area of "Southern Maine") is not the end all decision maker. I also like how this individual makes a statement as to which donning method is "best" to use. FireManL1 I think you need to spend some more time as an explorer and then as a FF before you go spouting off about such things. My point in case is that one can NOT use the "best" method you choose if it is mounted in a high side compartment or in a jumpseat.
    Our Explorers were trained not only how to exchange spent cylinders on the SCBA but also how to clean and care for them and in controlled training situations(no smoke or live fire) how to wear and work with them. Imagine the explorer who at 18 and enrolled in FF1 class who has been allowed to train with the SCBA and the confidence he or she will have in his SCBA while using it. It is like any other tool or function, the more you train with it the better off you will be with it and the earlier you start training on it the better off in the long run.

    Hey Nick (SBFD6) I am telling your mommy on you for doing illegal SCBA training, naughty, naughty!

    FF/EMT Jay Ellingson
    Newington,NH FD
    New England Dragway Safety Team (Sundaaayy!)
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    basher1 Guest


    I think that juniors should be traned in the usage of SCBAs. I was at a fire once and was doing extereor opreations and wished i had a SCBA on it would have been nice. Our dept reqires SCBAs to be worn under may conditions as well and although i didnt need one in the situation i wish i would hav been able to wear one.

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