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    michael101184 Guest

    Post Scanners

    If you were going to buy a scanner what type and model

    Michael Niesen

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    explorer36 Guest


    I would go with a uniden....i like the older ones personally. You can go on Ebay and get them pretty cheap too! On the topic of channels it depends what you want to listen to....just fire dispatch get a 10 channel or something. I have have a 40 channel that works fine....I've had it for about 5 years.

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    JR95 Guest


    Call me a wacker but here is what i got....

    --> Uniden SportCat 100 Ch.
    --> Uniden (Desktop) 20 Ch.
    --> Radio Shack Mobile Scanner 150 Ch.

    My favorite one is the SportCat, I have had it for about 6 years now. I do know that Uniden has come out with a new model where you can program a text title for each freq. so that when it stops, it would say "YourTown Fire" and not 154.1600

    Happying Hunting....

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    NRFR/explorer Guest

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    Explorer36 and JR95 are right. Uniden is probably the best ones out there. Radio shack is good quality. I have a uniden home scanner and a radio shack car scanner and they both have never given me any trouble.
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    McCall Guest


    Uniden is great. I have two of their scanners, and have had no problems that I couldn't fix. I have a 30 channel portable scanner, and a 200 channel base model.

    Beware, though. In many states it is illegal for people to possess scanners in their vehicles w/o proper licensing.

    Check with your Motor Vehicle Dept. before carrying it in your car. Here in NY, due to scanner's being able to monitor police freqs., it is a class E felony to possess it without a permit. And usually being a member of a fire dept. won't cut it. You must be fire police or have some law enforcement affiliation before they will grant you a permit.

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    NMFD33 Guest


    I have a bearcat in my room...soon enough when i get the $ im gonna get a scanner in the car that way i can hear ALS dispatch talling the Medic unit what the call is when im booking to an ambulance call...JR95 what town are you with? the only channel you need on a scanner in bergen counth in

    Chris Kerrigan
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    Chris Deyerle Guest


    Well I got a Radio Shack PRO-91 150 Channel with trunking on it. It is a nice scanner. I used like a fire pager until i got mine. I think I bought it for like 180 $$. So good luck on what ever you get. PLus its a nice hand held to.

    Chris Deyerle

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