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    explorer Guest

    Question Leave School??

    I just wanted to know if your department lets you out of school. I don't wanna hear any replies to this that school is important and stay in school. My reply to that is if you keep your grades up why not be allowed to leave. Please do not reply about that. I just wanted to know about if you can leave.

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    SFDchief Guest


    The junior firefighters are not allowed to leave school for calls. In fact it is frowned upon them bringing their pager to school at all. The good side of this story is that we were able to gain members by other students seeing the ones with the pagers.
    I do, however, know of depts that do let their juniors leave school given certain circumstances.

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    Styles Guest

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    Our Explorers are allowed to take their pagers to school. We have our own tones and we set our pagers to those tones only that way we do not disrupt class. And yes, our chief will tone us out if he believes the incident is big enough to require our assistants. Its only happened twice.

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    JR95 Guest


    I do know that the school in my town WILL NOT allow students to leave for a call. I know that students do leave for calls, and some how get away with it....

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    NRFR/explorer Guest


    Our explorer by-laws say that we can't bring our pagers to school. The by-laws also say that in the event that explorers are needed for a call, the FD will call the school and there will be an announcement over the PA system, telling the explorers to respond. Pretty cool huh?
    NRFR, EMT-W trainee, explorer
    MFD, KFD, Roger's Rangers-EMS

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    NMFD33 Guest


    We are allowed but i dont goto the high school in my town so im stuck there...i leave my pagers in my van...

    Chris Kerrigan
    ~Junior Fire Fighter-NMFD Co.2
    ~Ex-Chief Fire/EMS Explorer Post 402
    New Milford,NJ

    "Species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast. All river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full"-In Flames

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    Kelly Tool Guest


    No they didn't let us at our school, though i'd agree explorer, if they kept their grades up. If you remember high school the decision would be easy, fire call or school? If kids saw that how many do you think would sign up.

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    wannabe-EMT Guest


    Company bylaws prohibit cadets from taking part in any department activity while school is in session. Further, cadets are not issued pagers, and no personnel except for the president may respond directly to the scene. In addition, schools forbid carrying pagers of any kind during the day.

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    JR95 Guest


    Just recently I learned that according to NJ law, FF's and EMT's are allowed to carry alerting devices in school, despite the fact that typical alpha/numeric pagers are prohibited by another NJ law. Because of this, school officials have recently changed their decision about allowing emergency personnel to leave school. With a note from a parent, junior FF are allowed to leave school for a call (fire,EMS).

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    VWolfe21044 Guest


    Jr. Firefighters and Explorers are not allowed to leave class if a call comes in. In most of the Departments around the County here the Jr. Firefighters and Explorers are not allowed to come to calls after a certain time on school nights. In my case I'm a full fleged firefighter and a senior in High School. My look upon it is that if you plan on doing this for a living at sometime during your career you'll fight all the fire you can imagine. Their is no point of leaving class for a fire unless the whole dang world is on fire and it better be for you leave class.

    Vincent Wolfe

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    eng1221 Guest

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    The purpose of our cadet (explorer) program is for training only. I Try to instill the basics of the job on our young members. As far as leaving school for a run, they wont be cadets much longer. I understand their enthusiasm, but would like to see that enthusiasm put towards training. You can be a firefighter all your life, but you only get a chance at high school once.


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    ENGINE25 Guest


    Junior's shouldn't be allowed to leave, i am a senior firefighter now but i did spend two years as a junior and we weren't allowed to leave school(company rule). there is no reason for you to leave, no offense to anybody but there is nothing you can do that we can't do. if we need more help, that is why there is mutial aid. you need a crew to role hose, call for an engine crew for a standy-by at one of the involved fire stations. that truck will remain available on the scene so if anything comes up, they role, don't mess up your education over 5inch hose, there will always be more

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    Ed Mathis Guest


    heres my thoughts on this topic. if your department is despret for firefighters that they have to call you out than they need some sort of a job fair. i think that when your out of school than you can respond to all the calls you want but while your in school no way.

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    Animal Guest


    having been a firefighter since age 16, I know what it's like to want to leave school and go fight, but hey, get over it

    I can only remember one time where myself and other firefighters in the school got pulled from class, and that was for an extremely large wildland fire, where we had more fire than we and our mutual aid deparments knew what to do with. Although I do frown on people leaving school to run calls, I can say that it was a big help to have another 18 or 20 personnel available. Now that was probably different because we had already been through the basic firefighter courses, but hey.. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to rake a fire line :-)

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    fire freak Guest


    In our department Jrs are only allowed to leave school if it is a 2nd alarm fire or they need extra man power!!!

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    lebo_fire_635 Guest


    in our town we only have 2 cadets (its a small town) when ever we get a fire call there is a siren that goes off so everyone can hear it. when the siren goes off we can not leave school unless the principle comes and gets us. and we can not leave for a ems call but sometimes get to leave for an auto accident.

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    FF Medley Guest


    I am a senior in High school and i am the only person in the school that is a firefighter i currently have my Level 1 Card. I am only allowed to leave school during FIRE Emergencies only (Structure Fire nothing else). I had to go in front of the school board and tell them what my intentions were. So they came up with that idea.

    Chris Medley

    Its About "Team work"

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    Jgassert Guest


    I'm not in the Fire Dept. yet, i'm only turning 16 in June '00 but many of my friends are memebers. I'll refer to everyone as "we" even though i'm not there yet...but...We are allowed to carry pagers which are set to the regular tones. As long as you aren't failing any of the four major subjects you are permitted to leave (Juniors and Seniors hold what are called "gold cards" that allow them to leave school for calls, lunch, or any other reason...). EMT's are even permitted to leave for an emergency transfer as long as there isn't anyone else available.


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    SCAFDEXP Guest


    In my post, we are not allowed to respond to any call during school hours. All explorers in my post are issued pagers and may respond to any other calls, with the exception of mutual-aid runs, at any other time, provided he/she has completed their probationary period(6 months.) I do carry my pager at school, and the faculty are ok with that. They all know what I do and they respect that. They look at my tone pager different than a real pager because it is not for personal use.

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    unit25-53 Guest


    In my high school, I suppose we can be pulled out of classes, but only when we are short on man power or there is an extremely LARGE 10-70 somewhere... However, even under Indiana Law, F/Fs may carry their pagers anywhere, our school refuses to accept this...(to put it bluntly, they are stuck in the 1800s.)To my knowledge we have been pulled out once, it was a wildland fire, with many, many acres ablaze.

    Odis King
    unit 25-53

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    DJBuzz Guest


    At our dept.,explorers don't have pagers. However, most have scanners @ home and can therefore respond. It is general policy not to leave school-but there was a brush fire that had fully involved 5 acres, I was IC and once on-scene, realized it was going to grow out of our league. It was the first time we activated our explorers during school hours,(Called school-sent Rescue Unit w/ turnouts to transport)and trust me-we couldn't have done it without them. In the end--37 ff's-12 explorers-4 grass trucks-3 tankers-and 2 pumpers took 13.5 hours to contain the 220 acre blaze.

    I think in general explorers should not respond during school--but if the IC determines that there presence is needed-he should have ath. to activate.

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    fireftr428 Guest

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    i'm the only cadet in bellevue. I carry a pager wherever I go, but during school I turn it off. I can respond if it is a large structure fire and nothing else.


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    fireftr428 Guest

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    i'm the only cadet in bellevue. I carry a pager wherever I go, but during school I turn it off. I can respond if it is a large structure fire and nothing else. I think that id the student is keeping up with their school work then they should be let out for a fire call.


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    Brian Dunlap Guest

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    There is no reason for Jr. Firefighters or EMT Personnel to leave school for any reason...Skinned Knee or Multi-Alarm Fire I don't need the education more so then the emergency scene needs you...Besides plenty of us Senior members are around yet, most of us can't leave our jobs and that is where mutial-aid comes in...Thre are plenty of alarms you guys can respnd to between the time school lets out and what ever your cut-off time is at night if you have such a policy...My department is no more responses after 10pm on week-nights and 11pm on weekends...summer time {school out } 11pm cut off time....Hey besides school is almost out for the summer make up your responses then you'll get to see that responding to those "day calls" is just like the night responses only with fewer people

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    SAFD10 Guest


    I am 16 and have been on our dept a year. Once we had a full blown structure fire and I didn't show up. I was allowed to leave school for any call from now on. In our dept though I am second on scene or to the station next to our chief. So it is important that I get out of school.

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