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Thread: Bunker Gear

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    Red face Bunker Gear

    where whould you buy bunker gear from?

    Michael Niesen

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    You could try looking for bunker gear at www.galls.com

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    Here's another company to try..
    Heiman Fire Equipment.

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    You don't want to buy your gear from Galls too expensive. The stuff from edarley is junk. If I was you I would look at Globe fire gear or janesville. The Lion fire gear is also good pretty good. I have a set of the new Globe gx-7 fire gear and I love it to death. There is also a company called securitex. I've heard some good and bad thing about it but give it a try. here are some web sites
    www.globefiresuits.com www.firegear.com www.securitex.com www.lionexpress.com

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