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    Cool any juniors from pa?

    hi, i am moving to PA and i am signed up the be a junior, i was wondering if anyone had any bylaws for PA, if u do reply, and tell me a little about your department,

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    I'm from Dauphin County PA. At our station we can ride calls and that kind of thing but you cannot going into a burning structure. You also have time requirements for when you have to be out of the station. Theres some other stuff= email if you want more info.

    Co. 37

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    I used to be a junior. somethings you have to follow are, you can't run any hurst or power tools on a call, enter a burning structure until it is declared undercontrol, you can only run from 5a.m. to 11p.m sunday through thursday and from 5a.m. to 1a.m. friday and saturday. They are some of the basic stuff, you will have to check with your company to see what restrictions they have.

    You Go.....We Go

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    Hi my name is Richie and i live Lakeville PA and you get to run the hose you are aloud run car fires things like that so good luck>>

    Richie Sobilo

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    Hi and welcome to PA. =) My name is Kate. I'm new to the Firehouse forums and I'm a relatively new junior firefighter. I'm from Berks County, PA. Good ol' dutch country. (Well, us and Lancaster). Because I'm under 18, I can't go into any fires, but I can do plenty of other things. My main duty at structure fires is changing air tanks. We haven't had any yet, but if we ever have a gasoline spill or something along those lines, they'll probably let me help put it out with the foam. The guys showed me how to use it the other Sunday at training. =)


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    Hi, Im from Emmaus PA. Our department is a paid on call station with 3 or 4 guys who stand by at the station in case we get a call.
    Our Jrs are aloud to run calls but we can not enter a burning building until the fire is under control. We can help after the fire is put out and help with changing airpacks. We are not aloud to run on Rescue calls or Haz-mat.We are not aloud to run on rescue calls until we take a rescue course and have to be 18yrs old to be with rescue.When you turn 18 you also can run with Haz-mat

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    Thumbs up

    Hello! I am from Hanover,Pa. Our junours are allowed to run calls if there is room on the piece. Our juniors wear orange fire helmits so they know we are juniors. We are treated as seniors, we are allowd to vote on things at the company meetings and make put our thoughts in. Where are you moving in Pa? GOOD LUCK!!!
    Station 49-1

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    Hey, name here is Dave. I'm with West Mead 2 VFD in Meadville PA. Been a junior for about 1 1/2 years now. I can give you a copy of the actual guidelines for the PA Juniors. Email me at inferno29_24@yahoo.com

    Dave "Junior" Marhsall
    West Mead 2 VFD
    Meadville PA

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    although fire fighting sucks in pa it is pretty cool
    couple of things that i cant do being a jr is enter a s fire unless under control or line offecer present 2 is respond to a call with out an officer with me or already on lc if u have any questions ask me

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