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    Cool 19 years old should i be allowed to joun the fire service

    Iam 19 years old and a senior in high school shoud i be allowed to join my local fire department with certain rules.

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    Since you are still in high school, that is some what of a problem. I know in Richmond, VA, you can be hired as a career firefighter at age 18. The department where I want to go career is 21. At all of the departments up by me, you can join as a full fledged volly at age 18, and at one I can become a paid-on-call at age 17. It all pretty much depends on what area you are in, but the fact that you are 19 and still in high school will be a slight problem, since most departments require a high school diploma before you can become a full member.

    Joe E. Thomson
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    In my opinion, I think that you should be able to get on the department.I once was in those pair of shoes.. on my previous department, I was a explorer for 6 years till I was 18. When I turned 18, the legal age to get on our city volunteer fire dept. I turned in a applicatin for firefighter, and some of the members didnt want to vote me on because i was a senior in highschool.. I coulnt believe it!! I worked hard for them as a explorer and see what happens.. Really makes you get misdirected, in my opinion.. To make the story short, I got voted on with thanks to the asst. Chief who persuaded the members to let me on.. Well just keep up with the hard work, and hope for the best!!

    This opinion is of myself and does not reflect any of the department or the city I am employed by.

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    Yeah, I think you should be able to join the fire Department. If you have your level 1 firefighter, than you can be a regular member, but if you don't you should be called an auxilary firefighter. That's how it works at my old department. You just have to explain to the regular members of the dept. that the Fire Dept. won't interfere with school. You do that and show lots of interest and enthusiasm in the Dept. and you'll do alright. Just my opinion.
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    HELL YEAH! Go for it! I am a 16yr old female and going as a Jr right now. I want to do this for the rest of my life. I wouldn't give it up for anything! Be safe and GO FOR THE GOLD! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!
    Keep us posted.

    "I am Female FireFighter.....Hear Me ROAR!"

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    In my county career people are hired at age 18 and also are allowed to drive all equipment with the proper training. I see no problems as long as you completed each training phase. Good Luck

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    My town has two FDs, our department and most of the other volly departments in my area have Jr Divisions that have members ages 14-18. At 18, you can become a regular member whether through natural processes or my vote.

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    With the correct training and support from your collegues there should be no reason why an 18 year old can not undertake firefighting duties. That is the age that you can join the UK Fire Service.

    There will be lots of effort and eagerness on your behalf, that needs to be held back in a fire situation. Stand back, watch, listern and learn. When you know your enemy (Mr Fire) then you can charge at him. Make a mistake and you or your crew could pay for it.

    Kindest regards & keep safe

    Les (UK)

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