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    Question Funding?

    In your explorer post, are you required to raise all the money you need to use, or does your FD help you out with it?

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    The post I'm the advisor of does raise their own money with the help of members from the dept.If you need some ideas please feel free to e-mail me and I'll tell you how we do it.

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    My post is required get all its funds. the only thing is that the FD and VAC started us off with $1200 at first 3 years ago
    My post of no more than 10 people earned $3350 (yes thousand)painting all the Fire hydrants in our town. there are 300+ hydrants in my town and we got paid $10 a hydrant. You have to contact your local water company because most likely they are the ones who own the hydrants. we did that, got approval from our dept chief and finished a few weekends later. it was a long process but worth it. it only took about 5 minutes a hydrant. you should really look into this idea.

    Chris Kerrigan
    ~Junior Fire Fighter-NMFD Co.2
    ~Ex-Chief Fire/EMS Explorer Post 402
    New Milford,NJ

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