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    Question Trying to start an Explorer Post

    My department is trying to start an Explorer Post,and I am one of the advisors, I was wanting some ideas on things to do to keep teens wanting to come to the department and stay with us, or some rerasons why you chose to join an exploer post where you are at?

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    Set up S.O.G.'s first.B.S.A. has strict guidelines on what Explorers may do. Then use you FF I as your guide. Good Luck


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    Ed Mathis
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    What made me become an explorer/cadet was that my hole family had been involved in the fire service at one time or another. my post has been running for about 5 years now and some things we did was tours, speachs and went out to the schools. we also did alot of fund raisers to get stuff like uniforms and stuff like that. if you have any more qustions feel free to e mail me back. Ed Mathis assist chief of post 181

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    Try anything your Fire Department does for training. I've used rapelling, smoke mazes, ladder drills and hose runouts. The explorers found out that bunker gear will help them float for a short time and have been in a building filled with high expansion foam. tours of other departments also is interesting.

    Good luck with your post

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    I am the advisor at our dept. and I have noticed if you make an effort to show the kids that the fire dept. is interested in them it goes a long way. If the department shows them that they are welcome there and that they have a place in the dept., they will want to come around the station and will invite their friends. Kids today are desperate to fit in somewhere, and I can think of a lot of places a lot worse than the local fire station. I also helps to keep the training as much "hands on" as possible. Teenagers, particularly boys, can't sit still more than 5 minutes at a time and will get bored in about 2 it seems. Good Luck. If you would like a copy of our by-laws and SOGs, e-mail me and I'll send 'em out.

    Kevin Sink
    Fair Grove Fire Dept.
    Thomasville, NC USA

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