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    Question Where would you be without the F.D.?

    Has your fire department changed your life? Has it made you make better decisions on life? I think that my company made me stronger emotionaly and phsically. I truely think if I didn't join the fire department, I would be a in a lot of trouble because of doing bad stuff.


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    Yes I think being with an emergency service has changed me because alot of kids in my town are into the drug and alcohol faze now and I'm not sayin I havent had a few drinks but I AM NOT LIKE THEM and If I wasnt going to the firehouse and first aid and hanging out and not having someplace to go I'd probly wind up like the kids at my school drinkin every night etc...But hey Maybe I wouldnt wind up that way even If I didnt have the FD and Ems to hang out at...But I sure did make ALOT of new friends and not just a hello howya doin cya later kind of friend TRUE friends who help you in time of need etc...etc..etc....Everyone looks at me in school and says whats so great about the firehouse? My answer to them is I dont know I just like hanging out there cause I have alot of friends..Also when things arent goin so good at home you can go to the firehouse or first aid squad to calm down and relax...and you know you always have a nice quiet place to go to when things get kindof hectic..Its also like having 2 Families except with more than a few brothers and sisters.....

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