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    In the last 2 years are Department has let the Explorers partcipate in a ride-along program. Are equipment consists of a Blue hard hat and reflective vest and boots. The Explorers would like to start wearing bunker gear. I think we need to for safety. Thats the only reason I really have. I would appreciate any help at all. Thanks!

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    Our fire department doesn't run a explorer post, but we do have junior members. One reason we have for issuing turnout gear to the juniors is for their safety. When on-scene, the turnout gear provides identification for them, as well as reflectivity at night. The gear also provides warm clothing for winter operations and water repellancy when working around the trucks. They aren't issued top line gear, most of it is usually the gear that is being retired because they have no need for interior rated gear. Our juniors are also issued red helmets to distinguish them from regular firefighters.Junior members are an integral part of the volunteer organizations as they are the new blood for the longevity of the department. The better they are treated, the more they will feel as a part of the department and their intrest will remain with it.

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    In the post I used to be in we were issued Yellow Nomex gear donated from another company. This gear is good for training, fireground operations, and it also helps people destinguish us from senior f/f's. We also have salad bowl helmets with explorer cressants. The gear is in fairly good condition and we were very greatful for the donation.

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